President’s Cup Round 05: OSCAR BEAT DENNIS!

The King of FCAK Chess has fallen! The only player that had not lost once or even drawn, Dennis Poliquit, has lost in round 5!

Oscar Brillante dominted Dennis Poliquit and captured the 1st place position. Oscar now leads the tournament with 4.5 Points and remains the only player in the Tourney to not have lost a single Game!

Can Oscar maintain his winning streak? Or will he falter? Join the FCAK club this Friday at 4 PM to see the game between Oscar Brillante Versus Fayaz Sheik!

Click Here for the Results for round 5 –> round-5-result

Click Here for the Pairings for round 6 –> round-6-pairings


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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