Magnus Carlson is the New World Champion Contender

Carlsen 4

After about 3 weeks of the candidates playoffs between 8 of the world’s best chess players, Magnus Carlson has come out in 1st place. 
Meaning he will contend with the current world Champion on October 2013 to see who will reign over the next 2 years as world Champion.
Our wishes are with you Magnus !!! All the best and Congratulations 🙂
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Kuwait Chess Championship 2013: Round 8 Quick Summary

Faisal Al Hamlan defeated Khalaf Al Azmi leaving him with a clear lead at 6.5 / 8.
Bader Al Hajeri Luckily defeated Hazaa Al Shurafaa.
(During the game, black didn’t play the best moves here, which gave white a +11 advantage at one point.)


However, Bader played like a wizard and slowy took back the advantage, 1 square at a time. Eventually, Hazaa had a losing position and lost on time.
Bader Al Khaldi beat Nasser Al Maqseed and Nawaf Al Azmi escaped from defeat against Taher Al Khateeb when Taher blundered by a disguised tactic which lost him the exchange, rook versus queen.
Today, the top matches will be the top two boards where
Table one is 
Faisal Al Hamlan Vs. Nasser Al Maqseed
and Table two is
Bader Al Khaldi Vs. Bader Al Hajeri.
It is still not clear who will win because the difference between Al Hamlan and Al Hajiri is only half a point.
Both players need to win todays game. Draws for either player will lose them the Kuwait Chess Champion Title.
Pictures will be included in the final report.

Kuwait Chess Tournament 2013: Quick Summary of Round 7

All the results of the round 7 matches were unexpected.
At table 1, Hazaa Al Shurafaa tactically defeated Taher Al Khateeb in a complicated English opening. Hazaa showed his true form and played like a master against his opponent. Sacrificnig two pieces and a pawn for a deadly attack. But Taher defended well and went into an endgame of 2 rooks and 1 pawn versus Queen and 3 pawns. And Hazaa played the endgame perfectly winning it by queening before Taher.
In Table 2, Bader Al Hajeri played against Faisal Al Hamlan. And even though Al Hajiri maintained a slight advanatge for most of the game, he blundered with a few in-accurate moves. Faisal Al Hamlan took advantage of Bader’s weaknesses and won the game!
Unbeleiveably, after 7 rounds, all games are extremely close.
The top players are as follows.
At first place, Faisal Al Hamlan with 5.5 / 7
And a 5-way tie with players having 5.0 / 7 are the following : Bader Al Hajiri, Taher Al Khateeb, Hazaa Al Shurafa, Khalaf Al Azmi, Nasser Al Maqseed.
And the scores of the players are as follows:
4.5 Adel Al Amiri, Bader Al Khaldi
4.0 Nawaf Al Azmi, Ahmad Al Daweesh, Abdulaziz Al Khateeb, Waleed Al Awadhi
3.5 Hashem Hussain, Abdulmohsin Al Meshari, Yehya Al Azmi
3.0 Omran Al Moussawi, Hamaed Al Moutawa, Bader Al Hamadi, Amer Al Amer, Abdullah Al Baloushi
2.0 Ali Bouland, Ahmad Al Naser, Mohamed Qabazard, Khaled Al Juwaisry
1.0 Khaled Al Juwaisry, Mohamed Al Muneer

Kuwait Chess Tournament 2013: R5 Results & R6 Pairing

A few amazing games took place last night at the Kuwait Chess Federation.

Nasser Al Maqseed, who was the only player with a perfect score  of 4.0/4 was soundly defeated by Taher Al Khateeb in a complicated yet interesting Sicilean defense.

Nasser defended soundly but Taher destroyed his defences and won after a complicated endgame.

Another surprising thing that happened was Adel Al Amiri DREW against the Kuwait Champ Bader Al Hajeri.

Not only did he draw, but he had a winning advantage as well!

After a very long 4 hours and sacrificing the Rook for two pawns, Adel thought the game was a draw.

See the final position below where Adel accepted the draw.

White to play


Detailed Pairing and results from the will be posted soon.

 Round 6 pairing:

1. Faisal Al Hamlan – Taher Al Khateeb, 2. Bader Al Hajeri – Nasser Al Maqseed, 3. Khalaf Al Azmi – Adel Al Ameri, 4. Hashem Hussain – Nawaf Al Azmi, 5. Waleed Al Awadhi – Omran Al Moussawi, 6. Hazaa Al Shurafa – Hamed Al Mutawa, 7. Ahmed Al Naser – Bader Al Khaldi, 8. Ahmad Al Daweesh – Khaled Al Jowaisry, 9. Yehya Al Azmi – Abdulmohsin Al Meshari, 10. Abdulaziz Al Khateeb – Ali Boland, 11. Amer Al Amer – Mohammed Qabazard, 12. Khaled Al Harees – Bader Hamadi, 13. Mohammed Al Muneer – Abdullah Al Baloushi

Top 5 Players:

1) Taher Al Khateeb 4.5

2) Faisal Al Hamlan 4.0

3) Nasser Al Maqseed 4.0

4) Bader Al Hajeri 4.0

5) Khalaf Al Azmi 4.0

Pictures and more detailed report will be updated into this post soon.

Kuwait Chess Tournament 2013: R4 Results & R5 Pairing


The top board between Bader Al Hajeri and Taher Al Khateeb, after a tough battle, ended up in a draw.

However, Nasser Al Maqseed won his game against Omran Al Moussawi, leaving him the only player with a perfect score in the tournament so far.

Other undefeated players include Bader Al Hajeri and Taher Al Khateeb.

Tonight, the two undefeated players, Taher Al Khateeb and Nasser Al Maqseed will go head-to-head.

Pictured below is Amer Al Amer, a member of the Kuwait Mind Sports Association.Amer Al Amer

And here is the results for Round 4:

R4 Results

And here is the pairing for Round 5:

R5 Pairing

Kuwait Chess Tournament 2013: R3 Results & R4 Pairing

Bader Al Hajeri, Taher Al Khateeb and Nasser Al Maqseed are now the only players who still have a perfect score of 3.0 / 3.

Today Bader and Taher will go head to head.

Will Bader prevail?

Will Taher defeat the current Kuwait Champ?

Or will it end up in a draw?

Tune in tonight for the exciting verdict.

Now the top players will play each other and the games should be exciting.

Here are the results for Round 3 of the Kuwait Chess Tournament.


Here is the Round 4 pairing.


Hope you enjoy the gallery. More soon to come.

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Ahmed Al Fares: The New Kuwaiti U-14 Champion

Recently, a group of U-18 players traveled to Hungary to participate in an open chess tournament in an effort to receive an official rating. Among the youths was Ahmed Al Fares who won 1st place in the U-14 section. A great achievement to our team mate.

Here is a link to an article with fuller details in arabic. Pictures are included in the Kuna newspaper. 

Click This Link here –>

Ahmad Al Fares

Kuwait Chess Tournament 2013: Round 2 Results & R3 Pairing

Many interesting things happened in last nights games. Faisal Al Hamlan was crushed by Adel Al Amiri’s tactics, which won him a piece. Al Hamlan defended well by still ended up with a loss.
Amer Al Amer had a decisive advantage against Bader Al Khaldi early in the game. But decided to play it safe, which ultimately lost him the game. That shows that you have to be aggressive all the time otherwise you’ll lose your edge.
Other players also enjoyed the fact the time control was improved by having an additional 30 seconds instead of the 20 seconds.
Other new players did rather well. Ahmad Al Daweesh drew his 1st match against Bader Al Khaldi and won in the 2nd round, putting him against tougher opponents now.
We also would like to introduce new players into the scene. Bader Al Hamadi, Ali Boland, Abdullah Al Baloushi and A. Al Nasser as this is thier 1st but not last tournament. We wish them the very best of luck. As they all show promise. Training with the new coach will improve thier skills along with the other players.
Anyways, here is the Round 2 results,


And Round 3 pairing:

R3And here are a few pictures of the players.

More pictures will be uploaded with each round.

Kuwait Chess Tournament 2013: Round 1 Results and Pictorial logo
Yesterday was the start of a new tournament, the first of its kind in a very long time.
Amazingly, a large number of Kuwaiti players joined in the event. Which was a joy to see.
We saw old friends, new friends, and soon to be friends in the crowd.
It was also surprising because a lot of players joined in the competition, both new players and old players who stopped playing before. A total of 26 players.
A few more active players such as, Khaled Kalander, Ibrahim Shehab, Abdulrahman Al Ibrahim, Abdulsalam Al Dakheel, and myself could not join due to work issues. But hopefully, we will join in the coming tournaments.
Anyways, here are the results for yesterday’s matches:


Here are the pairing for today’s ROUND 2 match:


And here are a few pictures from the tournament.
Check out the new playing venue. It was upgraded from last time.