Hello everyone! Another final report for the end of another tournament in Kuwait!

Almost 3 months ago, way before the holy month of Ramadan, a tournament started and sponsored by the Filipino Chess Association in Kuwait (FCA-K). Once a week, on every Friday evening, the players play a single round of rapid chess. The time controls were 45 minutes to each side. The entrance fee was only 3 KD and the prizes I think were trophies. Once I find out exactly, I will update this post.

Anyways, here are the Final Standings for the tournament participants:

  1. Ryan Carandang 7.5 PTS. (Lost only 1 game!) *** WINNER ***
  2. Ric Panuelos 7 PTS.
  3. Emmanuel Ygpuara 7 PTS. (He was the only won to beat Ryan!)
  4. Nasser Maqseed 6 PTS.
  5. Oliver John Revidad 5.5 PTS.
  6. Khaled Hashem 5.5 PTS.
  7. Sammy Cayabyab 5 PTS.
  8. Zapanta Manalo 5 PTS.
  9. Liquat Ali 5 PTS.
  10. Bader Al Hajeri 4.5 PTS.
  11. Bart Macapaz 4.5 PTS.
  12. Ferdinand Bugay 4.5 PTS.
  13. Nathaniel Tinsay 4.5 PTS.
  14. Dante Sarsalejo 4 PTS.
  15. Nasir Bahamany 3.5 PTS.
  16. Boyet Zacarias 3.5 PTS.
  17. Greg Greg 3.5 PTS.
  18. Bogs Silao 3 PTS.
  19. Manny Cornelio 3 PTS.
  20. Abdullah Munir 3 PTS.
  21. Gary Garanganao 2 PTS.
  22. Hashem Hussain 2 PTS.

About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

3 thoughts on “FCAK Summer Open’09 FINAL REPORT

  1. james says:

    hi khaled,thanks for posting the final results,wish there will be more tournaments to come,more power to ur site my friend,see u in the next tournament my friend

  2. emmanuel says:

    hu hu hu ……BTW….i should have gotten 2nd place as i have also beaten the 2nd placer…….it should have been a winner over the other as we are only 2 way tie,not a 3 way tie…..only 3 way tie are decided from the progress………thanks anyway khalid and james….hope to came out strong the next time around…….anyway a 3rd placer is not bad from somebody who has 2 loses after the third round…..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..God Bless…..I THINK THERE IS ANOTHER TOURNAMENT HERE IN FCAK (ACCDG. TO MANNY)…..

    • james says:

      yap,u should be the 2nd as u explained it clearly,nyway,u almost reach the top if there is more rounds to come,hehehe,gudpm,more power to chess players

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