TEC Best Positions for the second Round

Round 2.

Position 1.

Alshourfaa Hazaa – Ceasar Lion Jeorgy

White: Kg1,Qg3,Ra1,Re5,Nd4, pawns: a2,b3,c3,f2,g2,h2.
Black: Kd8,Qc5,Ra8,Rg8,Bc8, pawns: a5,c6,d5,e6,g7,h7.
White to move.
1.Rxe6!-Bd7 2.Rxc6!-Qe7 3.Kf1-Rc8 4.Re1-Qxe1 5.Kxe1-Bxc6 6.Nxc6-Rxc6 7.Qb8+ Rc8 8.Qd6+! 1-0

Position 2.

Shah Vidit (J) -Al Azmi Nawaf

White: Kg1,Qd5,Rg2,Rf1,Bd6, pawns: e5,c3,b2,a2.
Black: Kh8,Qf5,Rh4,Rc8, pawns: h6,g5,f3,b7,a6.
Black to move.
1…Rf4? ( 1… Rh1+! 2.Kxh1-Qh3+ 0-1 ).

Position 3.

Beraganza Hecpor – Al-Hajiri Bader

White: Kf3, pawn f2.
Black: Kc4, pawn c5.
White to move.
1.Ke3?-Kb3 2.f4??-c4 3.f5-c3 4.f6-c2 5.Kf4-c1=Q and Black won .

Position 4.

Al Amiri Adel -Tinsay Nathaniel Latada

White: Ke8,Ba4, pawns: f7,c4,b3.
Black: Kc5,Bd6, pawns: c7,b6,a5.
Black to move.
1…c6?? 2.Kd7!-b5 3.cxb5-cxb5 4.Bxb5!-Kxb5 5. Kxd6 1-0

That’s all. Thank you.






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