Register For The Tournament Today

Registration for the Ramadan tournament has begun. You can register as soon as you can.

Again the entrance fee is 5 KD and the time control is 90min + 30sec. There are 7-9 rounds. It begins in about a week.

For registering and more details on this issue, call Khalaf Al Azmi. His number is : 9733283

(P.S.) Look at the lastest news called “Rules and Regulations” for more details about the tournament.

Thank you and best wishes for all.

Pics From Ramadan Tournament 2007!

The pics are not great quality. But you can still enjoy them. And i hope to take more pictures for this site next time. So if you are joining, then smile for the camera.

My Regards

Ramadan Tournament!


We only have 2 tournaments in kuwait. And one of them is coming closer.

I don’t know the exact details, but be sure to work on your chess!

In about 2-4 weeks, the tournament will begin.

When i get more information, i will post them here. Thanks and be sure to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

^_^ Khaled