President’s Cup Round 07: “Oscar Can’t Be Stopped!”


A game of blunders and sacrifices, Oscar Brillante won his game against Ringo Teves!

Oscar made it look easy as he captured a hanging knight with check. After that, Ringo could not recover. Slowly, Oscar traded down until it was 2 Pawns Vs. 2 Pawns + Knight. As the endgame continued, we saw Oscar Dancing in his chair being extremely happy with the winning position in front of him. He even started to say, “I am the Champ! I am the Champ!” and continued to laugh. When Ringo Resigned, Oscar again laughed and threw his hands up in the air and yelled, “I AM THE CHAMPION!”

Oscar Brillante leads the tournament with 6.5 points out of 7 rounds. If he draws his next game, he wins automatically! So the real question is, will Oscar lose a round because he already won the tournament? Or will he remain the only undefeated player in the FCA-K President’s Cup? Join the Club this Friday at 4 P.M. to witness history as Oscar battles Jess Butguen in table 1.

FCA-K President’s Cup 2008 History:

It’s a 9 round tournament. Time controls being 45 minutes with NO increment. Each round takes place on Friday and starts exactly at 4 PM. It takes place in the FCAK club located in the basement of Salhiya Tower, near the Sheraton Hotel Round-About. 

This is next weeks pairings:

  1. Oscar Brillante               VS. Jess Betguen
  2. Dennis Poliquit              VS. Ferdie Bugay
  3. Fayaz Sheik                    VS. Ringo Teves
  4. Khaled Khan                   VS. Oliver Revidad
  5. Fayek Kanaan                 VS. Vincent Zanida
  6. Gary Garanganoa            VS. Roger Sedante
  7. Egay Benitez                  VS. Boomer Bocobo
  8. Emman Ygpuara             VS. Nizar Kanaan
  9. Samy AlNasrallah           VS. Rick Panuelos
  10. Mustafa Rahman            VS. Basir Cosain
  11. Daniel Salinas               VS. Egay Agramon
  12. Liquat Ali                      VS. Edwin Poblacion
  13. Mohammed Koya           VS. Boyet Zacarias
  14. Ramon Tortal                VS. Dante Sarsalejo
  15. Numeriano Panganiban  VS. Art Moquia


1st Place  = (6.5 POINTS) ***<<< OSCAR BRILLANTE >>>***

2nd – 5th = (5.0 POINTS) Dennis Poliquit, Ferdie Bugay, Fayaz Sheik, Ringo Teves

RESULTS for Round 07 click here: round-7-result

Here are a few pictures from Round 07 taken by me. Enjoy 🙂


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I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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