World Championship and Puzzle Tribute

As a tribute to the world championship, which Anand is currently leading with a 3-2 score, I have a new puzzle for the viewers.

In this puzzel, should White simplify into an ending with a pawn advantage or does he have better?


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

42 thoughts on “World Championship and Puzzle Tribute

  1. copyright3 says:

    Kf1, if black moves his queen then its mate, if not white wins a queen. 😛

  2. copyright3 says:

    wait, the black queen could go to h7….

  3. Khaled says:

    Exactly. If you move your king to f1, you avoid any back-rank mates. But so does black. Qh7 saves the position. Is there a better move?

  4. copyright3 says:

    hmmmm maybe g4?

    it wins another pawn

  5. Khaled says:

    Are you sure it wins another pawn? Give me the variation without using a chess engine and also all te other variations if possible. This is not a difficult question but it def. needs a deep analysis. That’s the point of endgame study. To train your mind.

  6. copyright3 says:

    actually i dont have an engine yet, after g4, black if forced to go to a7, then simply g x f5.

    i dont know whats wrong with this variation 😛

  7. copyright3 says:


  8. Khaled says:

    if g4, then Qe5. Whats your reply?

  9. copyright3 says:

    take the pawn, queen cant take since it’ll no longer protect b8 square

  10. Khaled says:

    1. … Qxf5, 2. Qb8+ Qc8 stops checkmate

  11. copyright3 says:

    missed that 😛

  12. Khaled says:

    1. Qb8+ RxQ 2. RxQ is technically winning. However, chances are black can hold the position to a draw.
    So the correct answer is
    1. g4! Qe5 2. gxf5 3. Qxf5 4. Qb8+ Qc8 5. Qxc8 Rxc8
    The difference now is that white now has a protected passed pawn! Chances are higher that white could win this position than in the previous variation.

  13. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Hi Khaled

    I think after 1. g4 Qe5 2. f4! is better, cause white will get a 2nd pawn .. easier!

    for all guests.. what’s your favorite 16 songs and 16 movies ?

    why 16 ? it’s your chess pieces!

  14. copyright3 says:

    for all guests.. what’s your favorite 16 songs and 16 movies ?”

    lol ahmed that was random, i dont listen to songs but i listen to classical music. 😛

  15. chess says:

    “Exactly. If you move your king to f1, you avoid any back-rank mates. But so does black. Qh7 saves the position. Is there a better move?”

    Do you mean Qa7? is so doesn’t black lose after 1..Qa7? 2.Qxa7 Rxa7 3.Rg8#?

    1..Kf1 2.Qa+ Ke1 3.Qc8, black defends and will have time to open h6 so there will not be back rank mates anymore.

    I believe white should go to an ending with a pawn advantage.

  16. Bader Al-Hajiri says:

    Hi chess friends,

    Ahmed Hosny is right! Indeed 1. g4 Qe5 2. f4! is much better! This position has taken from:

    Polugaevsky,Lev 2625 – Psakhis,Lev 2580
    E32 URS-ch50 Moscow 1983

    1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 0-0 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.Qxc3 b6 7.Nf3 Bb7 8.e3 a5 9.b3 d6 10.Bb2 Nbd7
    11.Bd3 Ne4 12.Qc2 f5 13.0-0 Rf6 14.c5 bxc5 15.dxc5 Nexc5 16.Bxf6 Qxf6 17.Be2 Be4 18.Qd1 Bxf3 19.Bxf3 Rb8 20.Bc6 Qb2 21.Bxd7 Nxd7 22.b4 axb4 23.Qa4 Nc5 24.Qc6 bxa3 25.Qxc7 Ra8 26.Qxd6 Nb3 27.Qxe6+ Kh8 28.Rab1 Qxb1 29.Rxb1 a2 30.Qxb3 a1=Q 31.g4 Qe5 32.f4 Qd6 33.gxf5 Rf8 34.Rd1 Qc5 35.Rd5 Qc1+ 36.Kg2
    h6 37.Qd3 Qb2+ 38.Kg3 Qc1 39.e4 Kh7 40.e5 Qg1+ 41.Kh3 h5 42.f6+ Kh6 43.Qg3 Qf1+ 44.Kh4 gxf6 45.exf6 1-0

  17. Khaled says:

    Thank you Bader. And you are 100% correct. I took this endgame from this exact game.

  18. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Hi Khaled .. long time no read!
    Where is everybody??
    Thanks Bader.. I am pleased, grateful and indeed honerd 🙂
    Can anyone tell me why Anand played 7 times with white againest 5 times for Topalove?
    Hope to read your valuble contrebution soon.
    Please Khaled, tell me in details how to post chess diagrame here, I have many good puzzles to share with you.


  19. Khaled says:

    Hi Ahmad. Actually, Anand played as white 6 times. has full report on this issue.

    And as for posting diagrams, unfortunatly, Only me and Taher can post something on this site. If you would like, you can send the diagrams to my email and then I will post them.

    My email is

    And as for posting, there is nothing new in relation to chess in Kuwait. Hopefully, we will be making a tournament soon.

  20. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Greetings everybody

    You are right Khaled!
    But I think Anand played 2games in a row with the white pieces in game 6 and 7!

    Anyway .. in my opinion, It was boring in the opening Compared to the middlegame and endgame.

    There are rumours that the team of Topalov spent 100,000 Euros to secure a 112 core computer cluster, with the latest Rybka 4 program , but Anand counter this Monster-Hardware of the opponent.


    Why 100,000 Euros ? It’s available in Al-Rehab mall-Hawally or with Khalaf .. for only 2KD! 🙂


  21. gerry kasparov says:

    a little trivia folks… did you know that vishy anand learn chess in the philippines while his father work as a railroad consultant, the young anand visit everyday the famous Luneta Park watching street warrior players

  22. gerry kasparov says:

    any upcoming tounament guys? thanx

  23. copyright3 says:

    “Why 100,000 Euros ? It’s available in Al-Rehab mall-Hawally or with Khalaf .. for only 2KD!”

    can you tell me where can i get fritz 12 in the Rehab mall? ive been searching for ages.

  24. tony karpov says:

    simple logic latest rybka 4 + 112 core processor + original copy worth 100,000 euro


    rybka 4 fake pirated copy program worth 2KD

  25. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Hi copyright3

    I am not sure if it’s available in Al-Rehab mall, try to call Khalaf Al-Azmi, maybe you will hear a good news!

    A simple question, why some Guests are not using their real names?
    Are you a fugitives 🙂

    Ahmed Hosny .. see .. so simple!

  26. copyright3 says:

    i use a fake names so i don’t lose the right to say stupid things 😛

  27. tony karpov says:

    i use my handlers name to avoid critics, security reason, and last but not the least by choice simple as that!

  28. KArpov says:

    Blaaa blaaa blaaaa

  29. KArpov says:

    i want to see something new, what is this?

  30. Kasparov says:

    What is this ….Karpov doing here??

  31. Anand says:

    What Karpov and Kasparov talking about??
    I am the world champion!!

  32. Carlsen says:

    Thanks Anand, but
    I am the future Champion… hahaha

  33. bobby fischer says:

    no your not.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hi Filipino Guys!
    Greetings Chess Fans

    Why the Filipino club in Kuwait is not organizing an open chess tournament [rapid or even blitz] with the support of KCF?

    If there is someone try to create a chess database [ using Scid software ] and need help .. I am glad to share my experience in this great, simple and best free software .. so far 🙂

    I think Magnus Carlsen is a very strong contender for the next WCC and Kasparov’s working with him ..

    Worm Regards

    Ahmed Hosny

  35. copyright3 says:

    This is web-site is dead…?

  36. copyright3 says:

    hey dont use my nickname !!!
    the guy above is not me, he’s an imposter, jeez.

  37. alaa says:

    hiiiii khalid i am alaa iam you remember me i play in last tournment and plasy you

  38. tony karpov says:

    rybka 4 is out in the market now

  39. Khaled says:

    Hey Alaa! of course I remember you 🙂 nice to see you here!!

  40. vic korchnoi says:

    any upcoming tournament guys?

  41. Khaled says:

    Hopefully. But highly unlikely

  42. Baderov says:


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