My Conversation With “G.Master” Daniel King!

chessbase-logoPlaychess is a great place to see some of the strongest players in the world play a couple rounds. Some GrandMasters and International Masters just join to watch the tournaments online. Mr King is one such player.

Today, I was lucky enough to see Grandmaster Daniel King online. He was Kibitzing a round between Ni Hau (ELO 2710) versus Sargissian Gariel (ELO 2642). This game ended in a draw. I learned from Daniel King that he has planned to make 12 PowerPlay DVDs. Here is the full conversation I had with him: (I am Q8kadsawy)


Q8kadsawy: Hello Mr. King! It’s nice to meet you. I just wanted to say your powerplay DVDs are amazing! The best training videos available 🙂

Daniel King: Thank you… by the way, could you tell me your (approximate) rating? I am never sure who watches the DVDs and the level they are best suited for …

Q9kadsawy: Your most welcome! In slow, tournament games, I’m around 1900. Your DVD about the f-pawn and h-pawn push was the most helpful to me. Your 1st DVD about tactics were the most fun 🙂

Daniel King: Thanks… that’s helpful. I’m afraid they can’t always be fun 😦 but I hope they are at least instructive…

Q8kadsawy: Please don’t misunderstand… They were all fun. The 1st DVD was funny as well. That’s all I meant.

Daniel King: 🙂 Understood… but i still want them to be serious and fun!

Q8kadsawy: They are! I learned alot from watching your dvds more than trying to understand from a book.

Daniel King: Thanks. Good Luck.

Q8kadsawy: When can we expect another DVD? Just wondering 🙂

Daniel King: They are in production thw whole time… I have recorded 9 so far…

Q8kadsawy: Cool! I only know of the 1st 7 DVDs.

Daniel King: … but it takes time for them to be produced.

Q8kadsawy: When will they be released to the general public?

Daniel King: That I don’t know. It is in the hands of ChessBase. I will be recording more in the new year, and there will be 12 in total.

Q8kadsawy: I think your DVDs are the best intructive chess videos that chessbase has.

Daniel King: Thanks.

Q8kadsawy: Andrew Martin is 2nd best 🙂 It’s nice to finally talk to my “teacher.” 🙂

Daniel King: Where are you from?

Q8kadsawy: Kuwait.

Daniel King: A long way!

Q8kadsawy: LOOL! If you come to kuwait, it’ll seem closer 🙂

Daniel King: Got to go now. Thanks and goodbye.

Q8kadsawy: Thank you bye.


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I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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