Join Us Every Saturday at the Avenues Mall!

Good day everyone! I hope everyone is having a pleasant couple of days.

I am sure most people are upset about the postponement of the Sharg tournament.

However just because there is no tournament does not  mean you cant play and make new friends in the game of chess.

The members of the Kuwait Chess Federation meet in Caribou Cafe every Saturday at 7:00 P.M.

This week alone, we had around 10 members enjoy themselves in dozens of blitz games in the coffee shop.

Mohamed Qabazard, Nasser Maqseed, Amer Al Amer, Khalaf Al Azmi, Ibrahim Shehab, Raed Al Ahmadeih, Omran Al Moussawi, Hashem Ali, and myself were all present from around 7Pm till around 10 PM.

Other people who usually join the fun are: Kuwait Champion Bader Al Hajeri, Taher Al Khateeb, Waleed Al Awadhi, Abdulsalam Al Dakheel, Abdullah Maqseed, Ali Moussawi, and a handful of others.

So come join us this week for a couple of games and feel the joy of playing with real pieces instead of just playing online.

Just to make it clear, this is NOT a tournament… Just a couple of friends playing chess 🙂

(couple of chess fans)caribou-cafe2





About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

14 thoughts on “Join Us Every Saturday at the Avenues Mall!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi do you need to bring chess sets

  2. emmanuel says:

    enshallah my friend enshallah……he he he

  3. kadsawy says:

    Enshallah we’ll meet soon for my revenge match Manny :)hehehe

    And in response to the question, it is better if you bring your own chess set and maybe even chess clock.

    Khaled -the Super GM-

  4. attakero says:

    is there a shop her in kuwait where i can buy chess set, chess book, or chess clock??

  5. kadsawy says:

    There are a couple of book stores that have chess books but most of them are old and boring. If you really want a book, order it online…

    You can buy a good tournament chess set for under 3 KD in the “Landmark” stores. Look in the kids section where they sell baord games…

    As for chess clocks, if you want a particuliar one like the CHRONOS CHESS CLOCK II, than you have to order it online.. If you want the DGT 2010, than you can contact Khalaf because he sells them. All other clocks will have to purchased online as well..

    I hope that helped 🙂

  6. emmanuel says:

    hi khalid…..i told mister sami and daniel to be there that is why they are there,but i didnt come as i have an on call duty that time he he he…:P…….if you have computer?or laptop?no need for chessbooks….as there is a program like frits and chessbase that annalizes games and you can download free pgn files…easy to study more handy and more fast…thanks khalid for accomodating daniel and mr. sami nasrallah…….hope to see you there in the coming weekends…god bless you khalid….

    • Anonymous says:

      hello all chessfriends!!
      im new her in kuwait so can you tell me where is Landmark located? thanx alot

  7. kadsawy says:

    Hello and welcome to Kuwait 🙂
    There are several Landmark’s in Kuwait.
    There is one in Shwaikh, another in Kuwait City, and I think there is one in Salmiya…

  8. james says:

    hi there,i like ur site,its reaaly an educational one,im working here inkuwait as a staff nurse,i wanted to order chronos GX digital chess clock but my friend told me that it is not good to order it on line because of the address or location problem that it might not reach to me and the item will be sent back only,any advise you can give,thanks and more power

  9. kadsawy says:

    hey james,

    you can order from a store called ebay.
    you tell the the item and the site to buy from.
    they take the money for it and add service costs.

    call them for directions and more info at 24613325

  10. Rodrigo says:

    Hi I would like to play chess with you guys, I am working in Kuwait for almost five years… I do play chess before, sometimes good sometimes not, average player, if you are all grand master it will be a difficult challenge for me… Hehe. 🙂

  11. Khaled says:

    Hey Rodrigo, the KCF will make a tournament soon. If you would like to join us, you can contact Zaineb, the secretary of Mind Sports Association at 66501371. Tell he you are interested in chess and give her your number. She’ll contact you whenever something arrives 🙂

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  13. Sadie says:

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