FCAK Summer Open: Round 6 Pairing

Hello Again! Sorry I couldn’t make earlier posts. I have some internet connection problems with Qualitynet.

Here are the pairings for the round 6 of the FCAK summer Open Chess Tournament!

  1.  Hajeri VS. Carandang
  2. Khaled VS. Panuaelos
  3. Maqseed VS. Revidad
  4. Ygpuara VS. Silao
  5. Sarsalejo VS. Tinsay
  6. Cayabyab VS. Bugay
  7. Macapaz VS. Zacarias
  8. Bahamany VS. Ali
  9. Garanganao VS. Cornelio
  10. Hussain VS. Zapanta Manalo
  11. Munir VS. Greg

Also here’s a new video I made for the Round 5 of the FCAK summer Open. Hope you will like it 🙂


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

One thought on “FCAK Summer Open: Round 6 Pairing

  1. Naser AlMakseed says:

    Great show and pictures! Keep it up.

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