KuwaitChess LOGO Competition!

Hello Chess Fans!

  • The Kuwait chess blog will soon be upgraded to an official website. It will be the only website of it’s kind in the entire Middle-East!
  • Believe it or not, no other country in the Middle East has a website that continually promotes chess through a website!
  • People like you, fans who love the game, have made this site the most active chess-blog in all the GCC countries! (Trust me, I’ve looked.)
  • To help promote an official site, we need a new logo that represents the freshness and NEW spirit that we have for this beautiful game.  Something that says, “WE ARE HERE AND WE LOVE THE GAME!”

So here Details of the Competition:

  1. A logo is needed for the new upgrade to the website.
  2. If your logo gets choosen, it will te the official logo for the sport of chess in kuwait!
  3. You can send me as many logos as you want.
  4. A few members of the Kuwait chess club will choose the top 5 logos.
  5. Than you, the chess fans will vote which logo will win!
  6. The winning logo will be the official logo for the website and (maybe even the Kuwait Chess Federation).
  7. The last day to submit your entries will be on November 15th.
  8. You can submit as many entries as you want.
  9. Send your logo creations to kuwaitchess@gmail.com

 What We Are Looking For:

  1. We are looking for something that will represent the future of the game in Kuwait.
  2. Something that says “that this is a family sport.”
  3. Something that relates to “Kuwait.”
  4. It has to show the value of the game itself.
  5. It has to look professional.


  • I created this wierd looking logo. But that’s as far as I can go.
  • You see how the logo says family and kuwait? The getra and the family of chess pieces 🙂
  • Of course, I Couldn’t make it better because I don’t have the skill.

Hashem Logo1

  • Here is a better sample I borrowed from a friend of mine. He is the owner of Kuwaitbg.com The Fan Club of Kuwait Biking:
  • kbg_logo
  • It’s simple, elegant, beautiful, creative, and pure genius. You see how the helmet is wearing a getra. Very smart.
  • You can design the logo any way you want.

Anyways, How we will select the top 5 logos:

  1. As I said before, it has to have characteristics listed above.
  2. It has to be of quality nature.
  3. We encourage creativity, engineuity, and passion for the sport.


  1. The logo that will be used for the upgrade will get a 25KD gift certificate to Virgin Megastore.
  2. If your logo has some good ideas but still not choosen, we will give you a 5KD certificate.

Why we are doing this:

  • Chess in Kuwait is not doing so good. But many members of the Kuwait Chess Federation are trying thier best to promote this sport. They are volunteering and investing heavily on this game. We also need the help of everybody too! That’s why we made this competition. Something that will get everybody involved. 
  • Thank you and best of  luck!

Notice: Even if you do not win a prize or your creation is not nominated, by submitting your logo to the email, you give us permission to use it. Some logos might have the same structure. Also bare in mind, we will not cheat anyone out of thier hard work. f your creation is creative in a way that we use it, you will still be rewarded. We need the help of everyone and we have extremely low budgets to do them in. So even if you don’t win, no hard feelings. We are a small family in Kuwait. So let’s stick together and help each other out.


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

4 thoughts on “KuwaitChess LOGO Competition!

  1. copyright3 says:

    no prizes…no volunteers LOOOOOOOOOOOOL this is funniest thing in this entire blog lol.

  2. copyright3 says:

    as for chess being a not very active sport in kuwait, schools should at least make an annual tourneys.

  3. Khaled says:

    Actually, there was a few entries copyright3… I just did not get around to perfecting the “logo” i currently have ;p

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