Sharg Tournament ’09: Round 6 Pairing

NOTICE: November 17th is a break day. That means no game on Tuesday (which is tomorrow). Games resume on Wednesday 18th of November. Time is still the same. Clocks start at 6:30pm.

Pairings for Round 6, 17/11/2009:

  1.  T.Khateeb(5) v. A.Alrab (4.5)
  2. B.Hajeri (4.5) v. F.Silao(4)
  3. F.Laming (4) v. M.Jabr(4)
  4. D.Poliquit(4) v. A.Husni(4)
  5. A.Taha(3.5) v. N.Kumar(3.5)
  6. S.Santos(3.5) v. K.Anwar(3.5)
  7. B.Cosain(3) v. F.Bugay(3)
  8. R.Carandang(3) v. B.Khaldi(3)
  9. L.Obaid(3) v. Nooraldeen(3)
  10. T.Sallam(3) v. S.Jacob (3)
  11. H.Alwakeel(3) v. F.Rahman(3)
  12. F.Kanan(3) v. H.Shalabi(3)
  13. A.Motwali(3) v. O.John(3)
  14. H.Aloqdah(3) v. Veerappan(3)
  15. K.Hashem(3) v. N.Maqseed(2.5)
  16. R.Mohd(2.5) v. A.Khan(2.5)
  17. W.Awadhi(2) v. Hani Sabri(2)
  18. N.Kanan(2) v. E.Hamza(2)
  19. J.Jaser(2) v. H.Zakarias(2)
  20. B.Zaki(2) v. O.Moussawi(2)
  21. M.Jad(2) v. A.Hassan(2)
  22. N.Tinsay(2) v. G.Blanco(2)
  23. M.Sager(2) v. R.Ahmadiah(2)
  24. M.Soudi(2) v. A.Mishari(2)
  25. H.Ali(1.5) v. Sara A.(1)
  26. Nasser Bader(1) v. J.Belmonte(1)
  27. F.ahmad(1) v. R.Krishna(1)
  28. M.Ansari(1) v. NadiaQ.(1)
  29. M.Rasheedalalam(1) v. Saleh Fawas

About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

4 thoughts on “Sharg Tournament ’09: Round 6 Pairing

  1. ashraf says:

    Go GO abdullah

  2. bader alkhaldi says:

    شلونكم؟ شلون لعبه R.Carandang ؟؟ تهقوني افوز ؟ 🙂

  3. talkhateeb says:

    beat him & be a new hero in kuwait chess scene 😉

  4. Yelhsa says:

    I feel so much happier now I udensrtand all this. Thanks!

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