Sharg Tournament ’09: Round 5 Pairings

Thanks to all those who submitted ideas for logos. The winner and runner-up will be announced by late November. You are more than welcome to submit more ideas for logos, but you will not be eligible for the vouchers. This is just to remain unbiased and fair. Anyways here the Round 5 pairings.

  1. A. Husni (4) v. T. Khateeb (4)
  2. F. Bugay (3) v. B. Hajeri (3.5)
  3. A. Jad (3.5) v. R.Carandang (3)
  4. S. Santos (3) v. E.Taha (3)
  5. F. Laming (3) v. F.Rahman (3)
  6. F. Silao (3) v. A. Motwali (3)
  7. M.Jabr (3) v. H. Alokdah (3)
  8. D.Polquit(3) v. V.Aiyappan (3)
  9. K.Anwar(2.5) v. H.Wakeel(3)
  10. N.Kumar(2.5) v. R.Ahmed(2.5)
  11. H.Shalabi (2) v. N.Maqseed (2.5)
  12. S.Jacob(2) v. W.Awadhi (2)
  13. O.John(2) v. N.Kanan (2)
  14. G.Blanco(2) v. L.Obaid(2)
  15. A.Meshari(2) v. T.Sallam(2)
  16. O.Moussawi(2) v. B.Cosain(2)
  17. H.Zakarias(2) v. K.Hashem(2)
  18. F.Kanan(2) v. B.Zaki(2)
  19. H.Sabri(2) v. B.Khaldi(2)
  20. N.Abdulkhaleq(2) v. R.Ahmedieh (2)
  21. A.Khan(1.5) v. J.Jaser(2)
  22. E.Hamza(1) v. H.Hussain(1.5)
  23. M.Soudi(1) v. J.Belemonte(1)
  24. N.Qabban(1) v. M.Jad(1)
  25. A.Hassan(1) v. F.Saleh(1)
  26. S.Ahmed(1) v. N.Badder(1)
  27. N.Tinsay(1) v. M.Rasheedalalam(1)
  28. R.Santos(1) v. M.Sager(1)
  29. N.Bahamany v. S.Fawas
  30. M.Anasari BYE

About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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