Sharg Tournament ’09: Round 8 Pairings

This is the second to last tournament.

Tomorrow on Saturday the 21st will be the final round for the Sharg Tournament 2009.

This will be followed by a Awards ceremony.

Where the top ten players will get special rewards.

Good luck to you all. Here is today’s pairings.

So far the top 3 players of the tournament are Taher Al Kateeb, Bader Al Hajeri, and Ahmad Jad.

They each have 6.0 pts out of the 7 rounds.

And the only two players that haven’t lost a single match are Taher and Bader. They each drew two games. One with each other. Also Ahmad Jad which i forget to mention earlier didn’t lose a single game either.



And again, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!


  1. B.Hajeri v. A.Emad
  2. A.Jad v. A.Husni
  3. F.Laming v. T.Khateeb
  4. M.Jabr v. F.Bugay
  5. V.Aiyappan v. F.Silao
  6. R.Carandang v. K.Khan
  7. S.Santos v. D.Polquit
  8. L.Obaid v. N.Kumar
  9. T.Sallam v. F.Kanan
  10. F.Rahman v. B.Khaldi
  11. H.Okdah v. H.Wakeel
  12. B.Cosain v. M.Jad
  13. O.John v. H.Zakarias
  14. B.Zaki v. W.Awadhi
  15. N.Kanan v. K.Hashem
  16. N.Maqseed v. N.Abdulkhaleq
  17. A.Khan v. H.Shalabi
  18. A.Motwali v. N.Qabban
  19. N.Tinsay v. S.Jacob
  20. O.Moussawi v. G.Blanco
  21. S.Ahmad v. R.Ahmadeih
  22. H.Sabri v. M.Soudi
  23. N.Dehani v. M.Rasheed
  24. R.Ahmad v. M.Sager
  25. A.Meshari v. H.Ali
  26. E.Hamza v. M.Ansari
  27. F.Saleh v. J.Jaser
  28. A.Hassan v. R.Santos

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I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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