I have some amazing news! Today, a news article appeared in the “Al Nahar” newspaper that spoke about the Kuwait Chess Federation.


The Kuwait Chess Federation will now be sponsored directly by the Public Authority of Youths and Sports. This means that the club will have enough resources to bring professional trainers, update the facilities, and most importantly, sponosor MORE tournaments!

Here is some background information in case you don’t know about our previous situation. Eight years ago, the government changed the status of Chess in Kuwait when sponsorship rights were handed to the Board of Public Authority for Youths and Sports. After that, the ministry suspended ALL funds for the Kuwait Chess Federation because the sport wasn’t publically acknowledged. Now, after eight whole years of hearing, “we’ll get back to you,” the Board finally approved the sponsorship. 

Below is the article:

Source: Al Nahar Newspaper, January 31, 2010, page 27. 


Translation {Summarised and Paraphrased}:


Author: Hassan Moussa, Translator: Khaled Hashem

Body: “The board of public authority for youths and sports have accepted to sponsor the games of Chess and the winter game, Hockey, into thier list of accepted sports. During the meeting held in during last Wednesday where Managing Director Faisal Al Jassaf as well as a few others, including Sheikh Ahmad Al Nawaf, have accepted these sports.” END!


EnshAllah it will continue to grow in people’s hearts as well.



About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.


  1. eman says:

    wow!!!…congrats to you all chess fanatics of kuwait…congrats and god bless you all!!!

  2. Nasser says:

    Congratulations…and hope to the game of chess best of success in kuwait.

  3. eman says:

    chess people…results of the recently concluded coruschess in Wijk aan Zee netherlands i think….our very own wesley so got a place in joint 4th…..you can view games in there pgn viewer….thanks and goodluck!!!!


  4. attakero says:


    Philippine Chess Portal (PCP) also known as Pinoychess.informe.com is an unofficial Philippine chess website that intends to cover all news, features, articles, tournaments, players, chess clubs, chess advertisements, etc. related to Philippine chess.

    PCP was established on October 17, 2007 as a not-for-profit Philippine chess website with the aim of promoting chess in the Philippines. Please be reminded that PCP will not solicit and accept any kind of donation.

  5. mahmoud ali says:

    Dear Mr. Khaled
    i thank you very much for the site its very nice and we get the information about chess in kuwait and also i see pictures and comments of some of the old friends of the old chess generation . reminds my of the old great championships in algabriah.

    but i have one smoll suggestion about the site :
    Why dont you delete the non-usful post after they do there effect? .. mainly i speak about touraments reminders? because i see at the end of every tournamen u put the result and the pictures for history so u have a post about it … while some post are boring and not useful about for example rest day in old tournament ?
    i think maybe it is better to keep the post which have a all time story… but the last two posts for example they do there job why keep them take space and make site visitor not related to the wonderful chess site ?

    Sorry for my long msg but i love to tell my idea to a new chess friend which i hope u accept for a very old chess friend… (from the 1989 time)
    your chess friend
    Mahmoud a albahnasawi

  6. Khaled says:

    Mr Mahmoud,
    Thank you for dropping by and thank you again for your encouraging and lovely words.
    I have actually thought about the issue of “deleting” or removing irrelevant or “useless” posts. After few considerations, my final thoughts are history.
    You can see at the top of the posts the title, date, and even comments for that post. If I remove a post, then all that data gets removed as well.
    I want to keep it on because it has historic relevance. We can see how we progressed through the years.
    My first post was on June of 2008. It was just a simple few words that stated why i was doing the site. I kept it to show people that we have been here from the begining of time 🙂 hehehe
    I hope you understood what I meant. But in the end, I will probably change the look of the site. But for the time being, this set-up will do. Thanks again for dropping by 🙂
    Lets see you sometime in the Federation 🙂

  7. Taher Al-Khateeb says:

    Hi there pals

    Mr. mahmoud actually I have to agree with your point of view under the freedom of speech act 🙂

    Ive thought about the same points you’ve raised earlier, and i think the old posts ( some of them) are irrelevant, specially that our dear friend khaled usually adds a final conclusive report about the whole tournament at its end.

    I have to agree that the reminders and pop up notes make the site look a bit stacked with lines that have no importance afterwards ! also the old pairings with heaps of posts … maybe they can be saved in an archive link or something, but to consume the main page I guess its not wise…

    Specialy that it makes the site`s new visitors feel that its a closed circle of people that know each other only …

    Anyhow the final word on that is of the sites nice admin khaled for sure, but if this was sort of a poll Id also vote with Mr. mahmoud .

    I may also thank him for him lovely words about the site … such words keeps the site going 🙂

    With my best wishes to all

  8. Khaled says:

    Very interesting!
    A few people are thinking the same thing.
    I wanted to keep this a surprise, but actually I contacted a web designer to design a new website for kuwaitchess.net.
    I have considered changing the look and feel of it all.
    That is what i meant when I said things will change in my previous comment.
    Until then, i guess i will edit the site to keep only the “important” info here.
    I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂
    Thanks Taher and Mahmoud for your words of wisdom. I truly appreciate your feedback.

  9. knight says:

    i wish we have more and more tournament to come every year soo, that our skill will improve


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