National Tournament Round 2 Pairings

Dear Chess fans, I am happy to say that 61 players have registered for this tournament. Which is amazing. There are a handful of new players. I have not really gotten to know them, but hopefully with time, I will. Anyways, no more writing non-sense 🙂 In this post, you will fins a dozen pictures taken from Round 1 of the National Open Chess Tournament. And below that is the Round 2 pairings for Sunday evening, on February the 7th, 2010. Don’t forget, games start exactly at 6:30pm. Round 1 started a half hour late because of the organizing of the pairings and a few other minor details.

  Below is the Round 2 Pairings:

  1. Nizar Kanan – Bader Al Hajeri
  2. Hani Sameih – Fayiq Kanan
  3. Khaled Khan – Ferdie Bugay
  4. Ahmad Al Rab – Basir Cosain
  5. Samuel Santos – M. Abdulmohsin Ali
  6. Florentino Silao – Emmanuel Ygpuara
  7. Eid Eid – Ahmad Hosny
  8. Naser Al Maqseed – Mohamed Jabr
  9. Edgar Benities – Hamdi Faraj
  10. Dennis Poliquit – Ahmad Abdou
  11. Faizur Rahman – Sajan Varughese
  12. Oliver john – Waleed Al Awadhi
  13. Imad Abdullatief – Mohamed Anwar
  14. Imad Fawzi – Al Sayed Anwar
  15. Labib Obeid – Zaid Al Marafi
  16. Faisal Al Hamlan – Hamada Al Wakeil
  17. Ferdie Laming – Hani Sabri
  18. Waheed Hilal – Taher Al Khateeb
  19. Mahmoud Qabazard – Ahmed AlShikhani
  20. Basim Zaki – Bader Al Khaldi
  21. Hashim Khan – Khaled Hashem
  22. Nour Al Dein – Abdol Mohsin Al Meshari
  23. Omran Al Moussawi – Asfand khan
  24. Nasir Bahamany – Ihab Hamza
  25. Khaled Al Harees – Kennith Tasadao
  26. Gregorio Blanco – Ali Hassan
  27. Nanda Kumar – AbdulAziz Al Sinafi
  28. Hashim Hussain – Anoop Pious
  29. Abdulrahman Al Ibrahim – M. Rashid Alam
  30. Ali Al Sakkaf – Abduwahab Al Atiqi
  31. Issam Mohammed 1 – 0 BYE 


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

5 thoughts on “National Tournament Round 2 Pairings

  1. Nasser AlMakseed says:

    Hi Khaled, you played very well against Hani Sameh at the first round and I hope next time you win .

  2. Khaled says:

    Thanks Bu Abood 🙂
    EsshAllah next time I will beat him!
    By the way, i edited a few recent posts and removed the “irrelvant” messages. If anybody else thinks I should remove a post, tell me.
    thanks in advance…
    As for posts that are long because of player-pairings, I left them on because there are pictures on those posts that I want to keep on the site.

  3. mahmoud ali says:

    thanks khaled for your effort…
    how are you nasser my son inshalah bkheer ?

    send my salam to you dad and tell him uncle mahmoud is telling you fenek ya abo adel we miss your glorious days.

    now i live between kuwait (shwaya) and egypt
    thats why i dont play anymore .
    and im old i cant think like before but im happy to see my sons play nice games .

    Mahmoud a albahnasawi

  4. Nasser AlMakseed says:

    Thanks Mr.Mahmoud and I will tel my father your salam and we hope we see you visitting our chess club in Qadysia soon.

  5. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Hard luck Khaled, you deserve better against Hani Sameih.
    I don’t think the winner will get more than 7.5 pt. so don’t lose hope:-)
    Can we make a deal !
    Starting from today can you take pictures for me and I’ll do the same to you!
    Cause I have 55 photos from the 1st round, but I was surprised that I was not there in any of them:-)


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