The March Open Chess: Round 2 Pairings

Hello everybody. I will try my exteme best to keep this blog up-to-date with the latest happenings with the current tournament. So today, we saw the begining of the last tournament before the summer. And so far, only a couple dozen of people were able to register for this tournament. A total of 32 individuals signed up for the event. However, some of the top players in Kuwait are no where to be seen. The following champs: Ahmad Jad Al Rab, Dennis Poliquit, Ferdinand Bugay, Ferdinand Laming, Hani Samieh, and Ahmad Emad Taha are no where in sight. Apparently, thier work schedule didn’t allow them to play.

In short, this tournament is really anybody’s tournament. Hopefully we will see some tough action on the top boards.

Anyways, here’s the pairing for next week:

  1. Waleed Al Awadhi vs. Bader Al Hajeri
  2. Florentino Silao vs. Eid Mohammed
  3. Reda Ahmad vs. Moh’d Abdulmohsin
  4. Taher Al Khateeb vs. Ala’a Abdulaitf
  5. Nizar Kanan vs. Ahmad Hosni
  6. Faizur Rahman vs. Moh’d Qabazard
  7. Sajan Vareghuese vs. Ibrahim Shehab
  8. Fayiq Kanan vs. Khalid Al Jiwasri
  9. Basir Cosain vs. Nasir Al Maqseed
  10. Khaled Al Hashem vs. Yousig Ahmed
  11. Khaled Al Harees vs. Nour Eldin
  12. Amer Al Amer vs. Abdulla Salah
  13. Abdulwahab Al Atiqi vs. Dr. Asim Al Din
  14. Dr. Ahmed Al Shikh vs. Omran AL Moussawi
  15. Ashref Majed vs. Ali Hassan
  16. Raed Al Ahmadiya vs. Ali Al Sakkaf

About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

5 thoughts on “The March Open Chess: Round 2 Pairings

  1. Sajan Varughese says:

    Hi Chess people How is it going?I was reading through the other posts and I liked the one about the 64 commandments.Its very useful.Thank you King LeoIII.But I had a question for everyone and anyone who can answer this?I just wondered why is a chessboard having only 64 squares to play chess?why not make it 128 or 256 squares and increase the number of bishops and knights and rooks…or is it because we have only 64 KB RAM in our human brains.our predecessors 2000 years ago decided to invent chess on 64 squares instead of 128 or 256.

    P.S Khaled there is correction in my name.kindly take note..thanks

  2. anything says:

    asking why a chess board has 64 squares is like trying to give a reason for why 1 + 1 =2

  3. "chess" fans says:

    hhhm!!! simple “mathematics “chess board is totaly likewise algebraic..
    Q?? what is the square of a,b,c,d, ans.. 8×8=64 sq. huh! anything? Sajan…

    no other strong participate in these 2rnament except bader…why????

    there is some issue why some of the player they did not show up thier self or participatng on these event i think FCK should be solve this issue…???

  4. Khaled says:

    OK Sajan, I’ll correct your name soon.
    As for wanting a game with more squares, then you should take a look at the even older and more ancient game of GO. In some countries its name is IGO.
    Actually, it has 361 dots on the board! If your interested in a more “deeper” game, take a look at that. Even computers can’t beat the strongest in that game.

  5. Asfand Yar Khan says:

    I am not participating in the tournament so Bader al hajeri is having a chance to win the tournament 😉

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