March Open: Round 5 Pairings

Hello dear chess fans. This will be a quick report.

Tonight at 7:00PM, round 5 will take place. That means there are only 2 rounds to go (not countingt the 5th).

After the last round, only two players remain undefeated. They are Fayiq Kanan and Florentino Silao.

Bader Al Hajeri, the top seed of the tournament, won on his last game and quickly making a come back. The real question is whether or not he can make a comeback strong enough to win the tournament.

Fayiq Kanan has shown that he no simple player. He defeated the Kuwaiti Champion of 2002 in wonderful game. He also has shown he can keep up with any of the other strong players. Florentino Silao is his opponent tonight. Will Silao defeat the undefeatable?

Update 1: This weekend, I will upload many pictures and games played in this tournament and in the past tournament. So keep tuned in to KuwaitChess.Net.

Round 5 Pairing:

  1. Fayiq Kanan vs. Florentino Silao (4.0 PTS)
  2. Bader Al Hajeri vs. Faizur Rahman (3.0 PTS)
  3. Taher Al Khateeb vs. Zakariya Afifi
  4. Ibrahim Shehab vs. Ahmed Hosni
  5. Nizar Kanan vs. Waleed Al Awadhi (2.5 PTS)
  6. Nasir Al Maqseed vs. Yousif Ahmed
  7. Nour Al Dein vs. Mohamed Abdulmohsin (2.0 PTS)
  8. Eid Mohamed vs. Sajan Vargughese
  9. Khaled Al Hashem vs. Reda Ahmad
  10. Magdi Tawfiq vs. Ala’a Abdul Latif
  11. Mohamed Qabazard vs. Dr. Al Shikh
  12. Ashraf Majed vs. Basir Cosain (1.5 PTS)
  13. Amer Al Amer vs. Raed Al Ahmadiya (1.0 PTS)
  14. Abdulwahab Al Atiqi vs. Abdullah Salah

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2 thoughts on “March Open: Round 5 Pairings

  1. Baderov says:

    Good luck

  2. Anonymous says:

    round 6?

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