National Day Open Chess Tournament: Final Report (February2010)

This report is long overdue. I should have posted this at least a few months back. But a few things delayed the matter and I didn’t. Hopefully this will rejuvenate the people’s belief in this site. As you have noticed, in the latest tournament, the March Open, I didn’t post any pictures. The reason for this is that taking pictures takes concentration away from the games. And this time around I wanted to focus on my play.

And a big thank you goes to Ahmed Hosni and Reberto Carandang for taking beautiful pictures and giving them to me to post them on the site. In due time, many more pictures will be posted here.

Here is a few to begin with:



Anyways, here is what you’re after. The final standing from the National Open Chess Tournament.

  1. Dennis Poliquit (7.5 PTS) WINNER
  2. Bader Al Hajer
  3. Hani Sameih (7.0 PTS)
  4. Ahmed Jad Al Rab
  5. Florentino Silao
  6. Ferdinand Bugay (6.5 PTS)
  7. Taher Al Khateeb
  8. Khalid Khan Anwar (6.0 PTS)
  9. Fayiq Kanan
  10. Hamada Al Wakiel
  11. Mohamad AbdulMohsin (5.5 PTS)
  12. Ahmed Hosni
  13. Eid Mohammed
  14. Waleed Al Awadhi
  15. Faizur Rahman
  16. Asfand Yar Khan
  17. Mohamed Jabr (5.0 PTS)
  18. Imad Abul Latif
  19. Al Sayed Anwar
  20. Basir Cosain
  21. Emmanuel Ygpuara
  22. Dr. Ahmed Al Shikh
  23. Hamdi Faraj
  24. Samuel Santos
  25. Kennith Tasadao
  26. Bader Al Khaldi
  27. Nasir Al Maqseed (4.5 PTS)
  28. Oliver John
  29. Nasir Bahamany
  30. Basim Zaki
  31. Edgar Benities (4.0 PTS)
  32. Ferdinand Laming
  33. Nizar Kanan
  34. Ahmed Abdu
  35. Abdulwahab Al Atiqi
  36. Khaled Al Hashem
  37. Omran Al Moussawi
  38. Abdulrahman Al Ibrahim
  39. Waheed Hilal (3.5 PTS)
  40. Sajan Vargughese
  41. Imad Fawzi (3.0 PTS)
  42. Zaid Al Marafi
  43. Labib Obaid
  44. Amin Yamout
  45. AbdulAziz Al Senafi (2.5 PTS)
  46. Nanda Kumar (2.0 PTS)
  47. Hashim Khan
  48. Hashem Ali Hussain (1.5 PTS)
  49. Abdulmohsin Al Meshari (1.0 PTS)
  50. Mohamed Al Sayed
  51. Faisial Al Hamlan (— PTS)
  52. Greg Blanco
  53. Rashid Al Alam
  54. Nour Al Dein
  55. Hani Sabri
  56. Mohamed Qabazard
  57. Ihab Hamza
  58. Ali Hassan
  59. Anoop Pious
  60. Ali Al Sakkaf
  61. Mohamed Mahmoud

A big big congratulations to Dennis Poliquit for winning this tournament with only a single loss. He even beat Bader Al Hajeri in an earlier round in a very tactical game.


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

9 thoughts on “National Day Open Chess Tournament: Final Report (February2010)

  1. dennis says:

    Thank you very much for this Khalid! I appreciate it. My friends globally will congratulate me for this hehehhe. Anyway, when will be our next tournament?

  2. toto-eman says:

    thanks khalid for posting my sleeping pic….it just happened that my opponent is in trouble thats why he is thinking deeper and deeper and deeper that i fell in a deep sleep…….thanks my friend and congrats to boss dennis for giving the filipino chessers great prestige…….

  3. Anonymous says:

    next tournment?

  4. Khaled says:

    The idea of tournaments is to have a large amount of people playing against each other in a 9 round tournament. It sures that the level of competition remains high and people enjoy themselves.
    It would be sad to have another tournament with only 25 participants.
    So the next tournament might be on June so as to create the high demand.

  5. Someone thinking ! says:

    The costs arent high 5Kd is fair for the place rental at least ! i think people love to play in malls or fancy places ! that might be the problem … u know in one of the old soug sharg the fee was 20 kd (reduced later to 10) yet many players wanted to play ??

    It would be nice if KCF studies why players come ??

    1- Prizes ?
    2- Playing avenue and services ?
    3- Certain suiting times (ramadan for ex.)
    4- certain playing systems ? (like game timing ? game schedule? )
    or maybe
    5- media coverage (before and during tournament?)

    i know some will say all factors matter…
    but im sure a certain factor must be of more importance ??
    Which one do you think ??

  6. toto-eman says:

    put some sidegames like blitz at least just for fun……..trophies are valubles as cash,u feel being a winner if there is a trophy… least that was worth a morlal booster if there are trophies at stake,even medals to those who are inlucded in top 15…..that wont cost much….ans 1 thing,its such a pleasure to play for such tournaments,its a good idea of having all participants to receive certificate being a participant…….that would ba a great memory to remember after long years of being part of such tournaments by having certificates with KCF logo…..signed by its head…..i think los of people would appreciate that,by giving certificates participants are honored of being a part od a tournament….thanks a lot…just an input…..:P

  7. checkmate says:

    i think its all about prize … people want money
    and luxury.
    P.S. Dear Khaled, why dont you photoshop the pictures?
    they look tacky that way.. please re-enforce the quality with my thanks to you and to Bader the nice guy and Sami the computer guy and see you around

  8. Khaled says:

    It’s not only about money. Even though some only come because of it, others come for other reasons.
    Also, if you want to see the pictures in higher quality, go to
    I posted some pictures in High Definition.
    Look up kadsawy in people to see my flickr profile

  9. checkmate says:

    i tell u why i think alot of players play for money
    one time i asked mr sammy about payment : i said when all players pay the fee ? he said during the tournament… and some players; they play round one and when they lose they dont come again and dont pay the fee!! why cuz bad chance of making the top standing … so what do we think ? it about the money prize i think….No!?

    if you love chess ur fun is winning nice games anytime… u dont run away after round one because of 5 kd! thats cheap !

    – what about u put some pics in the site … it makes the chess room now looks even worse lool 🙂

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