Fischer Open Chess Tournament !

In the interest of supporting mind sports activities in the State of Kuwait
 Kuwait Mind Sports Association
 Jointly with the cooperation of
Taher Group Law Firm & Kuwait Society of Engineers
Proudly presents
Fischer 3rd Open Chess Tournament
During the period from 14/8/2011 – 21/8/2011
From 08:30 P.M till 11:00 P.M
Venue: The Kuwaiti Society of Engineers
The prizes allocated are as follows:-

 1St player: 1000$ 2Nd player: 500$ 3Rd player: 250$

Valuable prizes in kind for the first 10 competitors
Last date for registration and payment of fees is 13/8/2011
For Inquiries: 65978686 – 66661949 
Daily pairing on Twitter: @TAGKUW


115 thoughts on “Fischer Open Chess Tournament !

  1. SH says:

    i think there’s a mistake in the prizes , how can the third player receives more than the first?

  2. […] is August 13th, 2011 For Inquiries call 65978686 or 66661949. Here is a link with more information [Link] Aug 12, 2011  Email This […]

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  3. Khaled says:


    1 Agha Alla Hverdiyev, : Bader Alhajri,
    2 Ahmad Emad Taha, : Leon Ceasar,
    3 Florinteno Silao, : Asfand Yar Khan,
    4 Bader N. Alkhaldi, : Fredinand Laming,
    5 Taher Alkhateeb, : Basir Cosain,
    6 Ahmad Alsubaie, : Ahmad Abdu Mohd Abdu,
    7 Amer Alamer, : Ahmad Mohd Hosni,
    8 Valibor Djukic, : Zeyad S. Aladbely,
    9 Bassam Aldohan, : Fredinand Bugay,
    10 Mohammed Jabr, : Mohd Sharhan Alshemmari,
    11 Hamada A. E. Elwakeel, : Nami Fahad Alnami,
    12 Waleed Alawadhi, : Wael Mohd Jehad,
    13 Khaled Khan Anwar, : Talal A. Alruwaieh,
    14 Naser Ali Alsubaie, : Alaa M Abdul-Lateef,
    15 Khaled A. Hashim, : Mustafa Khan,
    16 Naser A. Maqseed, : Shante Ceasar,
    17 Omran H. Almousawy, : Sajan J. Varuguese,
    18 D.r.pratyusha, : Ebrahim Shehab A.,
    19 Vishwanath Jeyraman, : Hashel Alhuwaishel,
    20 Vicente Acedillo, : Abdulwahab Alatiqi,
    21 Mohd. Mutaz Altinawi, : Haza Alshorafa,
    22 Hamad Almutawa, : Vinson Vaz,
    23 Sami Behbehani, : Vivekanand Prakash Kondpa,
    24 Mahmoud A Mohd Hussan, : Abdullah Hmoud Almutairi,

  4. Khaled says:

    3rd FISCHER OPEN CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP (Aug. 2011) – Round 3 pairing
    No white Black

    1 Bader Alhajri, : Vishwanath Jeyraman,
    2 Haza Alshorafa, : Ahmad Emad Taha,
    3 Vivekanand Prakash Kondpa, : Florinteno Silao,
    4 Basir Cosain, : Vicente Acedillo,
    5 Abdullah Hmoud Almutairi, : Ahmad Abdu Mohd Abdu,
    6 Ahmad Mohd Hosni, : Bader N. Alkhaldi,
    7 Fredinand Laming, : Omran H. Almousawy,
    8 Valibor Djukic, : Taher Alkhateeb,
    9 Fredinand Bugay, : Ahmad Alsubaie,
    10 Vinson Vaz, : Mohammed Jabr,
    11 Zeyad S. Aladbely, : Hamada A. E. Elwakeel,
    12 Leon Ceasar, : Amer Alamer,
    13 Mohd Sharhan Alshemmari, : Waleed Alawadhi,
    14 Nami Fahad Alnami, : Khaled Khan Anwar,
    15 Ebrahim Shehab A., : Bassam Aldohan,
    16 Alaa M Abdul-Lateef, : Hamad Almutawa,
    17 Talal A. Alruwaieh, : Khaled A. Hashim,
    18 Wael Mohd Jehad, : Agha Alla Hverdiyev,
    19 Asfand Yar Khan, : Naser Ali Alsubaie,
    20 Mustafa Khan, : Naser A. Maqseed,
    21 Shante Ceasar, : D.r.pratyusha,
    22 Selvan Someishwar, : Mohd. Mutaz Altinawi,
    23 Abdulwahab Alatiqi, : Sami Behbehani,
    24 Hashel Alhuwaishel, : Bhanu Prakash,
    25 Noor Mohammad, : Mahmoud A Mohd Hussan,

  5. Khaled says:

    3rd FISCHER OPEN CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP (Aug. 2011) – Round 5 pairing
    No White black Total

    1 Florinteno Silao, [4] : Ahmad Emad Taha, [4]
    2 Fredinand Laming, [3.5] : Bader Alhajri, [3]
    3 Fredinand Bugay, [3] : Waleed Alawadhi, [3]
    4 Alaa M Abdul-Lateef, [3] : Mohammed Jabr, [3]
    5 Ahmad Mohd Hosni, [3] : Ahmad Abdu Mohd Abdu, [3]
    6 Wael Mohd Jehad, [3] : Taher Alkhateeb, [3]
    7 Basir Cosain, [3] : Hamada A. E. Elwakeel, [3]
    8 Shante Ceasar, [2.5] : Leon Ceasar, [2.5]
    9 Ebrahim Shehab A., [2.5] : Bader N. Alkhaldi, [2.5]
    10 Valibor Djukic, [2.5] : Vishwanath Jeyraman, [2.5]
    11 Vinson Vaz, [2] : Khaled Khan Anwar, [2]
    12 Vivekanand Prakash Kondpa, [2] : Khaled A. Hashim, [2]
    13 Asfand Yar Khan, [2] : Ahmad Alsubaie, [2]
    14 Naser A. Maqseed, [2] : Amer Alamer, [2]
    15 Abdullah Hmoud Almutairi, [2] : Selvan Someishwar, [2]
    16 Hamad Almutawa, [2] : Vicente Acedillo, [2]
    17 Haza Alshorafa, [2] : Talal A. Alruwaieh, [2]
    18 Bhanu Prakash, [2] : Mahmoud A Mohd Hussan, [1.5]
    19 Abdulwahab Alatiqi, [1.5] : Omran H. Almousawy, [1.5]
    20 Mohd Sharhan Alshemmari, [1] : Agha Alla Hverdiyev, [1]
    21 Nami Fahad Alnami, [1] : Zeyad S. Aladbely, [1]
    22 Naser Ali Alsubaie, [1] : Sami Behbehani, [1]
    23 Mohd. Mutaz Altinawi, [1] : Bassam Aldohan, [1]
    24 Mustafa Khan, [1] : Noor Mohammad, [0]
    25 Hashel Alhuwaishel, [0] : D.r.pratyusha, [0]

  6. ROUND 6 Pairing says:

    3rd FISCHER OPEN CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP (Aug. 2011) – Round 6 pairing

    1 Ahmad Emad Taha, [5] : Fredinand Bugay, [4]
    2 Bader Alhajri, [4] : Ahmad Mohd Hosni, [4]
    3 Hamada A. E. Elwakeel, [4] : Florinteno Silao, [4]
    4 Mohammed Jabr, [3.5] : Ebrahim Shehab A., [3.5]
    5 Fredinand Laming, [3.5] : Valibor Djukic, [3.5]
    6 Taher Alkhateeb, [3.5] : Alaa M Abdul-Lateef, [3.5]
    7 Basir Cosain, [3] : Wael Mohd Jehad, [3.5]
    8 Ahmad Abdu Mohd Abdu, [3] : Leon Ceasar, [3]
    9 Waleed Alawadhi, [3] : Naser A. Maqseed, [3]
    10 Khaled Khan Anwar, [3] : Shante Ceasar, [3]
    11 Khaled A. Hashim, [3] : Abdullah Hmoud Almutairi, [3]
    12 Vicente Acedillo, [3] : Asfand Yar Khan, [3]
    13 Talal A. Alruwaieh, [2.5] : Bader N. Alkhaldi, [2.5]
    14 Vishwanath Jeyraman, [2.5] : Bhanu Prakash, [2.5]
    15 Omran H. Almousawy, [2.5] : Haza Alshorafa, [2.5]
    16 Selvan Someishwar, [2] : Amer Alamer, [2]
    17 Mahmoud A Mohd Hussan, [2] : Vinson Vaz, [2]
    18 Mohd Sharhan Alshemmari, [2] : Vivekanand Prakash Kondpa, [2]
    19 Ahmad Alsubaie, [2] : Hamad Almutawa, [2]
    20 Zeyad S. Aladbely, [2] : Naser Ali Alsubaie, [2]
    21 Mohd. Mutaz Altinawi, [2] : Abdulwahab Alatiqi, [1.5]
    22 Sami Behbehani, [1] : Nami Fahad Alnami, [1]
    23 Bassam Aldohan, [1] : Hashel Alhuwaishel, [1]
    24 D.r.pratyusha, [0] : Agha Alla Hverdiyev, [1]

    Ps.Friday is off. Round (6) on Saturday 9pm sharp.


    A big congratulations to the victors of the tournament. And a big applause to Taher Al Khateeb for not only getting 5th place, but for also organizing an amazing well-needed chess tournament. Pictures will be posted soon on this page. Stay tuned 🙂

    3rd FISCHER OPEN CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP (Aug. 2011) – Final Standings

    Place – Name – Federation – Rating – Score – Progr. – Buch. – M-Buch.

    1 Ahmad Emad Taha, JOR 1677 7 28.0 31.0 22.5
    2 Bader Alhajri, KUW 1804 6 24.0 28.0 21.0
    3 Florinteno Silao, PHI 1598 5 23.0 33.0 23.0
    4 Fredinand Laming, PHI 1554 5 21.5 29.5 20.5
    5 Taher Alkhateeb, KUW 1538 5 20.0 28.0 19.5
    6 Hamada A. E. Elwakeel, EGY 1529 5 20.0 28.0 19.0
    7 Fredinand Bugay, PHI 1649 5 19.0 28.5 19.5
    8 Chante Ceasar, RSA 1400 5 17.0 21.0 16.0
    9 Ahmad Mohd Hosni, EGY 1610 4.5 20.0 29.0 20.0
    10 Mohammed Jabr, EGY 1641 4.5 18.5 26.5 18.5
    11-13 Waleed Alawadhi, KUW 1483 4.5 17.0 25.0 18.0
    Ebrahim Shehab A., KUW 1476 4.5 17.0 24.0 16.0
    Khaled A. Hashim, KUW 1406 4.5 16.5 26.5 19.0
    14-24 Basir Cosain, PHI 1454 4 20.0 34.0 23.0
    Ahmad Abdu Mohd Abdu, EGY 1366 4 20.0 29.0 21.0
    Wael Mohd Jehad, SYR 1361 4 18.0 24.0 18.0
    Vishwanath Jeyraman, IND 1318 4 17.5 26.5 19.0
    Asfand Yar Khan, PAK 1375 4 17.0 29.5 21.5
    Valibor Djukic, SRB 1430 4 17.0 27.5 19.5
    Alaa M Abdul-Lateef, EGY 1412 4 17.0 27.0 19.5
    Vicente Acedillo, PHI 1300 4 17.0 21.0 15.5
    Leon Ceasar, RSA 1498 4 16.5 29.0 20.0
    Naser A. Maqseed, KUW 1370 4 15.5 27.0 19.0
    Hamad Almutawa, KUW 1176 4 13.0 21.0 15.0
    25-30 Haza Alshorafa, KUW 1398 3.5 16.5 26.5 17.0
    Bader N. Alkhaldi, KUW 1470 3.5 15.0 27.5 20.0
    Talal A. Alruwaieh, KUW 1250 3.5 14.5 25.0 18.5
    Khaled Khan Anwar, PAK 1478 3.5 14.5 25.0 17.0
    Amer Alamer, KUW 1228 3.5 13.5 22.5 16.0
    Naser Ali Alsubaie, KUW 1176 3.5 12.5 21.0 15.5
    31-39 Abdullah Hmoud Almutairi, KUW 1241 3 16.0 23.5 17.0
    Vivekanand Prakash Kondpa, IND 1250 3 14.0 22.0 15.5
    Omran H. Almousawy, KUW 1187 3 13.0 25.0 18.0
    Mohd Sharhan Alshemmari, KUW 1200 3 12.0 24.5 18.0
    Bhanu Prakash, IND 1250 3 11.0 20.5 15.5
    Mahmoud A Mohd Hussan, EGY 1200 3 10.5 20.0 14.0
    Agha Alla Hverdiyev, AZR 1397 3 10.0 24.5 17.5
    Selvan Someishwar, IND 1200 3 10.0 21.0 15.0
    Abdulwahab Alatiqi, KUW 1173 3 9.0 18.5 13.0
    40-42 Vinson Vaz, IND 1200 2.5 11.5 22.0 15.5
    Nami Fahad Alnami, KUW 1200 2.5 9.5 21.5 15.0
    Mohd. Mutaz Altinawi, SYR 1164 2.5 8.0 17.5 13.0
    43-46 Ahmad Alsubaie, KUW 1239 2 11.0 22.0 15.0
    Zeyad S. Aladbely, KUW 1236 2 10.0 21.5 14.5
    Hashel Alhuwaishel, KUW 1200 2 5.0 18.0 13.0
    Sami Behbehani, KUW 1214 2 5.0 17.0 12.0
    47-48 Bassam Aldohan, KSA 1200 1 7.0 22.0 15.5
    Mustafa Khan, PAK 1122 1 5.0 13.0 7.5
    49 D.r.pratyusha, IND 1200 0 0.0 20.5 14.0

    *Please Note that some players signed up for the tournament but could not participate for their own reasons. The 3rd Annual Fischer Tournament was supposed to have about 80 players. But only around 60 made it and participated in the tournament. The full roster of contestants can be found in the link below.

    **This list only shows players who have played in the tournament for more the 1 round.

    ***For full roster click this link:

  8. Diosdado "Bong" Ortiz says:

    Are these FIDE rating or KCF rating ?

  9. Diosdado "Bong" Ortiz says:

    Hi Khaled, did you get my emai ?

  10. Diosdado "Bong" Ortiz says: is cool. I got reqistered as bongortiz. Anyone who wants to play with me, add me as a friend. I earned 1822 rating for the 1st 5 days only. I want to play with the current champion (Ahmad) in the future.

  11. Khaled says:

    Hi Ortiz, yeah i read your email.
    And I messaged you on Didn’t you received it?

  12. Diosdado "Bong" Ortiz says:

    Hi Khaled, I did not receive your message in chesscube. Anyway, we’ll be in touch. You can email me. I’m 7 hours behind your local time.


  13. Diosdado "Bong" Ortiz says:

    Hi Khaled,

    You should put the cross-table result of your tournament to be more informative. It will show you the points, color, who played against who, rating, etc. Look at the example on the link below,


    • Khaled says:

      I would live to do that. If you can teach me, I will definitely employ this scheme the next time we have a tournament. Send me an email so we can have a coffee, a game or two, and discuss this table in more detail 🙂

  14. Diosdado "Bong" Ortiz says:

    Your pairing or chess tournament software should be able to do that

  15. Diosdado "Bong" Ortiz says:


    I also emailed you the software that can post the standing, last round result and cross-table result in HTML format.


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