Championship Regulations 2012

Kuwait National Championship of Chess


Date:  09th July– 19th July 2012.

Place:  The Kuwait Mind Sports Building.

Organizer: Kuwait mind sports association, Kuwait Chess Federation.

Tournament director:  Adel Al Amiri

Chief arbiter: Rogovskyi Vladimir.

Right of participation: Registered players of Kuwait. 

Starting fee: free

Tournament is conducted under the rules of FIDE and regulations of this tournament.

System of tournament:   Swiss system of 9 rounds.

Rate of game:   2x 1,5 h + 20s/move,

Waiting time is 1 (h) in case of late arrival,

Recording moves will be a must, smoking is not allowed (only is few places), mobile phones must be shut off. 

A 10 min break will be allowed (where chess clocks will be stopped) for prayer.

Criteria used for ranking and prizes distribution: 1. Number of points, 

2. Buchholz ,     3.S-Berger, 3. Progress, 4. Mutual game,   prizes are not divided.


The top 4 players will be for the national team, while 2 extra players will be under reserves.


Time schedule:  

 1round – Mon., 09.07              6 round – Sun.,15.07

 2 round -Tues., 10.07             16.07 – day off

 3 round – Wed., 11.07.            7 round – Tues, 17.07

 12.07 – day off                        8 round – Wed., 18.07

 4 round – Fri., 13.07                9 round –Thu.,19.07

 5 round – Sat.,14.07


Starting time: 6 pm  sharp


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

2 thoughts on “Championship Regulations 2012

  1. expatvoices says:

    Hello Khaled,

    Just happened to visit your site for the first time. I think your site is a unique one that highlights the game of chess in Kuwait. This will unite all chess players in Kuwait and bring about awareness and info about chess events happening here.

    Have re-blogged about the current even on our site

    Have bookmarked your site under my Kuwait sports list.


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