Kuwait Chess Tournament 2013: Quick Summary of Round 7

All the results of the round 7 matches were unexpected.
At table 1, Hazaa Al Shurafaa tactically defeated Taher Al Khateeb in a complicated English opening. Hazaa showed his true form and played like a master against his opponent. Sacrificnig two pieces and a pawn for a deadly attack. But Taher defended well and went into an endgame of 2 rooks and 1 pawn versus Queen and 3 pawns. And Hazaa played the endgame perfectly winning it by queening before Taher.
In Table 2, Bader Al Hajeri played against Faisal Al Hamlan. And even though Al Hajiri maintained a slight advanatge for most of the game, he blundered with a few in-accurate moves. Faisal Al Hamlan took advantage of Bader’s weaknesses and won the game!
Unbeleiveably, after 7 rounds, all games are extremely close.
The top players are as follows.
At first place, Faisal Al Hamlan with 5.5 / 7
And a 5-way tie with players having 5.0 / 7 are the following : Bader Al Hajiri, Taher Al Khateeb, Hazaa Al Shurafa, Khalaf Al Azmi, Nasser Al Maqseed.
And the scores of the players are as follows:
4.5 Adel Al Amiri, Bader Al Khaldi
4.0 Nawaf Al Azmi, Ahmad Al Daweesh, Abdulaziz Al Khateeb, Waleed Al Awadhi
3.5 Hashem Hussain, Abdulmohsin Al Meshari, Yehya Al Azmi
3.0 Omran Al Moussawi, Hamaed Al Moutawa, Bader Al Hamadi, Amer Al Amer, Abdullah Al Baloushi
2.0 Ali Bouland, Ahmad Al Naser, Mohamed Qabazard, Khaled Al Juwaisry
1.0 Khaled Al Juwaisry, Mohamed Al Muneer

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I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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