Kuwait Chess Tournament 2013: R5 Results & R6 Pairing

A few amazing games took place last night at the Kuwait Chess Federation.

Nasser Al Maqseed, who was the only player with a perfect score  of 4.0/4 was soundly defeated by Taher Al Khateeb in a complicated yet interesting Sicilean defense.

Nasser defended soundly but Taher destroyed his defences and won after a complicated endgame.

Another surprising thing that happened was Adel Al Amiri DREW against the Kuwait Champ Bader Al Hajeri.

Not only did he draw, but he had a winning advantage as well!

After a very long 4 hours and sacrificing the Rook for two pawns, Adel thought the game was a draw.

See the final position below where Adel accepted the draw.

White to play


Detailed Pairing and results from the will be posted soon.

 Round 6 pairing:

1. Faisal Al Hamlan – Taher Al Khateeb, 2. Bader Al Hajeri – Nasser Al Maqseed, 3. Khalaf Al Azmi – Adel Al Ameri, 4. Hashem Hussain – Nawaf Al Azmi, 5. Waleed Al Awadhi – Omran Al Moussawi, 6. Hazaa Al Shurafa – Hamed Al Mutawa, 7. Ahmed Al Naser – Bader Al Khaldi, 8. Ahmad Al Daweesh – Khaled Al Jowaisry, 9. Yehya Al Azmi – Abdulmohsin Al Meshari, 10. Abdulaziz Al Khateeb – Ali Boland, 11. Amer Al Amer – Mohammed Qabazard, 12. Khaled Al Harees – Bader Hamadi, 13. Mohammed Al Muneer – Abdullah Al Baloushi

Top 5 Players:

1) Taher Al Khateeb 4.5

2) Faisal Al Hamlan 4.0

3) Nasser Al Maqseed 4.0

4) Bader Al Hajeri 4.0

5) Khalaf Al Azmi 4.0

Pictures and more detailed report will be updated into this post soon.


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