08.2008 3’0 Blitz Tournament!

Here are the pictures you’ve all been waiting for. There are more pictures but they could not be rendered. These photos were taken by Taher AlKhateeb. This tournament was sponsered by the players from the Kuwait chess Federation. May we have more tournaments soon.

Once i get a few other photos, i will publish them on this site. Thank you.

My Regards, Super GM

Results: The 1st 3’0 Blitz Tournament

Many have entered this site to see the results from the 1st 3’0 Blitz Tournament in Kuwait. For pictures and comments and more detail about the tournament, please stand by till the next post. But for now… here are the results:

Coming in 1st place is Bader Hajeri (GOLD MEDAL). Out of a total of 16 games, he won 15!!! I can only say one thing, WOOOOW!!! He truely is the champion of kuwait.

Coming in 2nd place is Taher Alkhateeb (SILVER MEDAL). Four points behind the champion, Taher was the only one to get a win from Bader Hajeri. He got 11 wins total. Fantastic.

Coming in third place is late comer Ibrahim Shehab (BRONZE MEDAL). He missed a tie for second place by only a 1/2 point. Ouch! Getting 3rd place is still amazing.

4th place is Waleed Awadhi with a total score of 8 points.

Tied for fifth place, Naser Maqseed and Salah Agrouv each got 7.5 points.

7th place goes to Khaled Hashem with 5 points.

8th place goes to Raed Ahmadia with 4.5 points.

9th place goes to Hashem Hussain with 3 points.


**** More details about this tournament soon to come. If you have any questions or comments, i will respond as soon as possible. Until than, be well citizens of kuwait.****

3’0 Blitz-Tournament Today Only!

Tonight there is a blitz tournament! Seats are EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!

The tournament was just created this morning. So if you see this post and its too late, its not my fault. It’s Taher’s fault! He didn’t inform me in advance 🙂

Location: Galleria in Salmiya, Kuwait. (Near the Plaza and Sultan Center)

Area: Costa Cafe.

System: Double round-robin. (everybody plays everybody twice)

Time: 6:30 PM

Time Control: 3 min + 0 sec

Prizes: Valuable Chess Books

For more information, CALL AS soon as possible

TAHER KHATEEB! His number is = 9012006

P.S. Smoking is allowed??? Why Ye3ni? Everybody Complain to Taher! He is the smoker not me 🙂