FCAK Summer Open: Round 3 Pairings

Here are the latest pairings for the Round 3 FCAK Summer Open Tourney. There are no pictures available from round 2. I also don’t have the results for the second round so that’s why they both aren’t posted. Sorry for the inconvenience. Future results and pictures will hopefully be available to everyone in later rounds.

Pairings for Round 3:

  1. Al Hajeri Vs. Silao
  2. Panuelos Vs. Tinsay
  3. Zacarias Vs. Carandang
  4. Bugay Vs. Munir
  5. Cayabyab Vs. Revidad
  6. Saraalejo Vs. Cornelio
  7. Bahamany Vs. Zapanta
  8. Ygpuara Vs. Macapaz
  9. Ali, L Vs. Al Hashem
  10. Greg Vs. Hussein
  11. Maqseed Vs. Garangano