Ramadan 2008 Report: Round 5

Just Two more Rounds to go! Many players lost hope in this tournament. While others still want to get as many points as possible. Today there were many people absent. Luckily for the people there, they got the point for free. Anyways here is the latest Leaders Board:

  • 5.0 POINTS = Ahmed Emad
  • 4.5 POINTS = Bader Hajeri
  • 4.0 POINTS = Ferdinand Bugay / Ahmad Abdou /  Edgar Benitez / Murad Ali / Ferdinand Laming / Adel Amiri
  • 3.5 POINTS = Ringo Teves / Vincent Saulda / Ahmad Hosni
  • 3.0 POINTS = Fayiq Kanan / Balarama Krushna / Naser Maqsed / Waleed Awadhi / Khaled Alhashem / Basim Zaki / Mohamed Adel / Emanuel Ygpuara / Mohamed Qabazard / Hamdy Faraj
  • 2.5 POINTS = Khaled Anwar / Basir Cosian / Nizar Kanan / Manuel Cornelio
  • 2.0 POINTS = Abdullah Mutairi / Nooraldeen Mohamed / Abdulmohsin Mishary / Taher Khateeb / Eid Mohamed / Hashem Ali / Zayad Abdly / Abdulsalam Dakheel / Ali Moussawi / Bomer Bocobo / Waheed Hilal
  • 1.5 POINTS = Abdulrahman Fathi / Khaled Ibrahim / Omran Moussawi
  • 1.0 POINTS = Ghassan Merji / Labib Obaid / Raed Ahmadya / Ali Alaudeen / Abdullah Maqsed /
  • 0.5 POINTS = Bader Khaldi / Roberto Carandang (BOTH PLAYERS DISQUALIFIED FOR ABSENCE)

TOMORROW FOR ROUND 6, AT TABLE 1, the biggest game of the tournament will be held.

Ahmad Emad, the Fide Master will go head-to-head against Kuwait’s top player, Bader Hajeri. All Eyes will be on these two players. If Emad wins tomorrow, than he will win the tournament with ease. If Bader Hajeri wins tomorrow, than Bader will win the rest with ease. There will be much stress on these two players as they prepare their games for tomorrow. You must keep your eyes on this game.

Here’s a few more pictures from this round. (picture 1) As you can see, Mohamed Qabazard has a banana ready for a quick boost in thinking 🙂 Very smart. Everyone should have a banana ready whenever you get ready for a game. Today Mohamed won with not much hard work. Great Job.

I wish all best Wishes. Good Luck tomorrow!

My Regards


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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