President’s Cup Round 3: Tourney Results

Once a week on Friday, the Filipino Chess Association of Kuwait holds a tournament in Salhiya Tower located Kuwait city. 30 players from all over Kuwait battle it out to be the top champion. After 3 rounds, only three people have succeeded in getting the full 3 points. These strong individuals are, Basir Cosian, Dennis Poliquit, and Ferdie Bugay. Oscar Brillante is close behind with 2.5 points.


Here are the pairings for the round four:

  1. Basir Cosain X Dennis Poliquit
  2. Oscar Brillante X Ferdie Bugay
  3. Oliver Revidad X Egay Agramon
  4. Ringo Teves X Roger Sedante
  5. Numeriano Panganiban X Emman Ygpuara
  6. Fayaz Sheik X Vincent Zanida
  7. Nizar Kanaan X Dante Sarsalejo
  8. Khaled Khan X Jess Betguen
  9. Boyet Zacarias X Daniel Salinas
  10. Egay Benitez X Rick Panuelos
  11. Samy AlNasrallah X Edwin Poblacion
  12. Mohamed Koya X Boomer Bocobo
  13. Gary Garanganao X Fayek Kanaan
  14. Liquat Ali X Ramon Tortal
  15. Mustafa Rahman X Art Moquia

Here are a few pictures from the tournament, please enjoy 🙂 (Pictures were given to me by Emman Ygpuara)


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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