President’s Cup 2008 FINAL REPORT

k21<Pictured Above is Oscar wearing the yellow shirt. He won in that round also!>

Ladies and gentlemen, It’s all over! The final round for the Presidents cup 2008 finished last Friday. It has been almost 2 months since this tournament began. Now it comes to an end. Of course, Oscar Brillante came out ahead of the rest and won the tournament completely.

Here are the results from Round 09: round-9-result

Oscar Brillante squashed almost everybody. He claimed 8 wins and drawing once against Khaled Khan Anwar. Khaled Khan got third place in the tournament. He only got 2 loses and one draw. Ferdie Bugay got 2nd place and he won 7 rounds and lost only 2. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TOP 3 PLAYERS. Especially OSCAR BRILLANTE for his excelent performance.


  4. Ringo Teves
  5. Dennis Poliquit
  6. Oliver Revidad
  7. Jess Betguen
  8. Fayaz Sheik
  9. Emman Ygpuara
  10. Egay Benitez
  11. Fayek Kanaan
  12. Gary Garanganao
  13. Basir Cosain
  14. Roger Sedante
  15. Vincent Zanida
  16. Samy AlNasrallah
  17. Boomer Bocobo
  18. Rick Penuelos
  19. Daniel Salinas
  20. Egay Agramon
  21. Nizar Kanaan
  22. Mustafa Rahman
  23. Dante Sarsalejo
  24. Liquat Alo
  25. Mohamed Koya
  26. Boyet Zacarias
  27. Art Moquia
  28. Numeriano Panganibian
  29. Edwin Poblacion
  30. Ramon Tortal

President’s Cup Round 08: “OSCAR WINS!!!”

<<**(()) ^^!! CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR BRILLANTE !!^^ (())**>>

<<**(()) ^^!! CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR BRILLANTE !!^^ (())**>>

<<**(()) ^^!! CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR BRILLANTE !!^^ (())**>>


Oscar wins the President’s Cup 2008!!! He is pictured above. He truely is the Champion!

Ladies and gentlemen! Oscar Brillate Won his last game against Jess Betguen making him the automatic winner for the tourney. He has 7.5 points and is ahead by 1.5 whole points! Even if he loses in the last round, he still gets first place. An amazing achievement by Oscar. The only player in the tournament to not have lost a single game!

This week on Friday, the last round of the President’s Cup will take place. Trophies will be handed out and winners will be congratulated. Everybody is welcomed to join the festivities.

Click here for the RESULTS for round 08: round-8-result

Click here for the round 09 PAIRINGS: round-9-pairings

<<**(()) ^^!! CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR BRILLANTE !!^^ (())**>>

<<**(()) ^^!! CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR BRILLANTE !!^^ (())**>>

<<**(()) ^^!! CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR BRILLANTE !!^^ (())**>>

President’s Cup Round 04: FCAK

On October 24th, The Filipino Chess Association of Kuwait held the fourth round of the President Cup Tourney. For those who don’t know, this tourney has 9 rounds total and each round is taken place once every Friday. Now they are done with four rounds… Meaning there is still 5 rounds for those who want to catch up.

DENNIS POLIQUIT is leading the tourney with a full FOUR POINTS! Until now, he remains the ONLY player in the tourney to be undefeated. However, Oscar Brillante is close behind with 3.5 points.

This Friday the game between Dennis and Oscar will take place on table 1. Will Dennis remain undefeated? Will Oscar beat his rival like Fisher beating Spassky? To find out, come to Salhiya Tower at 4 P.M. on Friday. Everybody is invited to watch 🙂

Click Here for the Round FOUR Results: round-4-result

Click Here to See Round FIVE Pairings: round-5-pairings1

Here are a few pictures from the tournament. Please Enjoy. (The pictures were taken by me.)

President’s Cup Round 3: Tourney Results

Once a week on Friday, the Filipino Chess Association of Kuwait holds a tournament in Salhiya Tower located Kuwait city. 30 players from all over Kuwait battle it out to be the top champion. After 3 rounds, only three people have succeeded in getting the full 3 points. These strong individuals are, Basir Cosian, Dennis Poliquit, and Ferdie Bugay. Oscar Brillante is close behind with 2.5 points.


Here are the pairings for the round four:

  1. Basir Cosain X Dennis Poliquit
  2. Oscar Brillante X Ferdie Bugay
  3. Oliver Revidad X Egay Agramon
  4. Ringo Teves X Roger Sedante
  5. Numeriano Panganiban X Emman Ygpuara
  6. Fayaz Sheik X Vincent Zanida
  7. Nizar Kanaan X Dante Sarsalejo
  8. Khaled Khan X Jess Betguen
  9. Boyet Zacarias X Daniel Salinas
  10. Egay Benitez X Rick Panuelos
  11. Samy AlNasrallah X Edwin Poblacion
  12. Mohamed Koya X Boomer Bocobo
  13. Gary Garanganao X Fayek Kanaan
  14. Liquat Ali X Ramon Tortal
  15. Mustafa Rahman X Art Moquia

Here are a few pictures from the tournament, please enjoy 🙂 (Pictures were given to me by Emman Ygpuara)