President’s Cup Round 04: FCAK

On October 24th, The Filipino Chess Association of Kuwait held the fourth round of the President Cup Tourney. For those who don’t know, this tourney has 9 rounds total and each round is taken place once every Friday. Now they are done with four rounds… Meaning there is still 5 rounds for those who want to catch up.

DENNIS POLIQUIT is leading the tourney with a full FOUR POINTS! Until now, he remains the ONLY player in the tourney to be undefeated. However, Oscar Brillante is close behind with 3.5 points.

This Friday the game between Dennis and Oscar will take place on table 1. Will Dennis remain undefeated? Will Oscar beat his rival like Fisher beating Spassky? To find out, come to Salhiya Tower at 4 P.M. on Friday. Everybody is invited to watch 🙂

Click Here for the Round FOUR Results: round-4-result

Click Here to See Round FIVE Pairings: round-5-pairings1

Here are a few pictures from the tournament. Please Enjoy. (The pictures were taken by me.)


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