History: Sharg Tournament of 2008


I know everybody is excited about the upcoming tournament. This is the biggest chess-tournament that Kuwait has every year. All the best players in the country play and have a good time. Last year, we had over 90 people join this tournament. Out of the 90, Mr. Yaghshi won the tournament with a 7.0 score out of 9 rounds.

The tournament is sponsored by Shiekh Dawoud Dawoud Al Sabah. The other sponsors are Mcdonald’s and Red Bull. So there will be free coffee, drinks, and red bull. Some people brought thier own drinks from Starbucks and other nearby cafe’s. Here are a few other details.

Here is the break down:

  1. The tournament is held once a year at the end of February
  2. The tournament has 9 rounds.
  3. The tournament lasts 10 days (1 break day).
  4. It is open to anyone, including titled or not titled players.
  5. The Entrance Fee = 10KD
  6. The time control is 90 Minutes + 30 seconds increment.
  7. The prize fund is around 1000KD.
  8. And the top ten players get prizes:
  • 1st place = 300KD
  • 2nd place = 200KD
  • 3rd place = 150KD
  • 4th place = 100KD
  • 5th-10th places = 50KD

These Pictures are from last year’s tournament.

sp_a0020  sp_a0015


sp_a0039  sp_a0042


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

4 thoughts on “History: Sharg Tournament of 2008

  1. Navaneeth says:

    Thanks for posting the info.

    Pls update further info like Contact Person, Starting Date,
    Time etc., when you get them.


  2. kadsawy says:

    Glad I can help.
    And I will 🙂

    Khaled “Super GM”

  3. Navaneeth says:

    Hi Buddy

    Any updates on the Sharq Tournament….


  4. Kadsawy says:

    Hi Navaneeth,

    Sorry, no update yet. I will make some inquiries in a couple of days if there no news about the upcoming tournament.

    Bare in mind that last year’s Sharq tournament took place in the middle of March.

    So keep practicing and studying your chess 🙂

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