Great Updates Coming Soon:

1 – The Final standings for the Fischer Chess Tournament are with me now! I have made a video, and once I finish the second one, I will post them both to the website. (You can see one of them now by writing “kuwait chess” at youtube.com)

2 – Ratings will be updated using the player performances during the tournament.

3 – I have recieved the updates for The FCAK Summer Open results for R.6, standings after R.6, and pairings for R.7 and they will also be posted soon.

4 – AND FINALLY, the blog https://kuwaitchess.wordpress.com will soon be UPGRADED into an official website! The URL will be changed to http://kuwaitchess.com! There will also be a small surprise for all chess fans in Kuwait regarding this website and your love for the Sport.

Memories Of Last Year… (also youtube videos of the sharg tourney’08)


It’s been a long time since Kuwait has seen some real activity in the Chess-Scene.

We witnessed the cancelation of the Sharg-Tourney and it was disappointing. Yet most of us still were optimistic about the future of the “sport-of-the-mind.”

I, personally am working at something that will hopefully improve the feeling we have about chess in Kuwait. This “thing” will hopefully give us a boost in moral that we need to continue loving this sport.

Others also are working diligently as well to get the sponsorships we desperately need. So keep practicing your chess because you don’t want to lose to a person younger and weaker than you 🙂

Anyways, last years’ Ramadan Tourney was short and very sweet. We had over 50 players participate in this once-a-year tournament. They came from all over. We had players from the Kuwait, Philippines, Egypt, Syria, India, Pakistan, Jordan, Palestine, and a few others that don’t come to mind.

Since we didn’t have any activity in the past few months, I thought maybe I should re-post some of the pictures we took from last year’s Ramadan Tournament, the 3-min blitz tournament, auk chess tournament, presidents cup and also a few from the last Sharg Tourney. Hope you enjoy the pictures.



Below are clips from an interview with Bader Al Hajeri (kuwait chess champion) on KTV3. He discusses the issues that the club is facing. The interview is conducted in Arabic on the Kuwaiti Television Sport Channel 3. And there is 3 parts.

The First Video gives a quick overview of the situation. In the background, you will the taping of the Sharg Tourney of 2008!

The Second and third video is an interview with Bader Al Hajeri. He discusses in detail that trails and tribulation that the Kuwait Chess Club is going through.


Khaled –The SuperGM–



Please feel free to post your thoughts and ideas about chess and ways we could improve our situation.

Every little bit of advise would be tressure at this point 🙂

History: Sharg Tournament of 2008


I know everybody is excited about the upcoming tournament. This is the biggest chess-tournament that Kuwait has every year. All the best players in the country play and have a good time. Last year, we had over 90 people join this tournament. Out of the 90, Mr. Yaghshi won the tournament with a 7.0 score out of 9 rounds.

The tournament is sponsored by Shiekh Dawoud Dawoud Al Sabah. The other sponsors are Mcdonald’s and Red Bull. So there will be free coffee, drinks, and red bull. Some people brought thier own drinks from Starbucks and other nearby cafe’s. Here are a few other details.

Here is the break down:

  1. The tournament is held once a year at the end of February
  2. The tournament has 9 rounds.
  3. The tournament lasts 10 days (1 break day).
  4. It is open to anyone, including titled or not titled players.
  5. The Entrance Fee = 10KD
  6. The time control is 90 Minutes + 30 seconds increment.
  7. The prize fund is around 1000KD.
  8. And the top ten players get prizes:
  • 1st place = 300KD
  • 2nd place = 200KD
  • 3rd place = 150KD
  • 4th place = 100KD
  • 5th-10th places = 50KD

These Pictures are from last year’s tournament.

sp_a0020  sp_a0015


sp_a0039  sp_a0042

How To Make This Site Better?

Hello everyone!

I would like to remind everybody to keep thier mind and body sharp for the coming tournament. It will most likely take place after the christmas Holidays. I’m not sure about the other details.

Anyways, the real reason I am asking how to make this site better is because I want to understand what the people in Kuwait want.

So if you have any ideas of bettering this site, please write a comment in this section.

Thank you & Sincerly,

Khaled The Super GM


This tournament is sponspered by the Filipino Chess Assosiation of Kuwait (FCA-K). It is open to all nationalities. So eveybody is welcomed to join.

The details that I have are as follows:

Entrance Fee: Only 2 KD!

Location: Salhiya Tower (near the salhiya complex)

Rounds: There are a total of 9 rounds (with one day break)

System: Swiss System

Time Control: Long Game

Prizes: ???

Date for the 1st round: October 3rd, 2008

For more information, contact Mr. Emmanuel Ygpuara. His Phone number is = 65101844.

Also, contact Mr. Oliver Arki. His phone number = 66906419.

Also, FCAK Many, their phone number = 66737298.

Good Luck everyone! I hope to see everyone soon 🙂

My sincere Regards