Results And Listings For 14/08 Tourney

The results have just been sent to me by Mr. Oliver Revidad.

Many thanks goes to him and the president of the Filipino Chess Association (Mr. Manny Cornelio) for having an enjoyable event such as this.

Below, you will find the results of last week’s round 1 and the “who vs. who” list for Round 2 this Friday!

Round 1

  1. Cayabyab     0:1 Zapanta
  2. Zacarias        1:0 Sarsaljo
  3. Bugay             1:0 Ali
  4. Panuaelos   1:0 Maqseed
  5. Silao                1:0 Khaled <-me I was winning, than blundered ;(
  6. Hajeri             1:0 Hussein
  7. Macapaz       0:1 Munir
  8. Bahamany 1:0 Ygpuara
  9. Tinsay           1:0 Greg
  10. Revidad        1:0 Garanganao
  11. Cornelio      0.5:0.5 Carandang

Round 2 Listings

  1. Revidad     Vs. Hajeri
  2. Silao            Vs. Bugay
  3. Tinsay       Vs. Khan
  4. Munir          Vs. Zacarias
  5. Zapanta       Vs. Panuelos
  6. Carandang Vs. Greg
  7. Khaled           Vs. Cornelio
  8. Ali                    Vs. Macapaz
  9. Maqseed       Vs. Cayabyab
  10. Garanganao Vs. Sarsalejo
  11. Hussein          Vs. Ygpuara

Pictures coming soon…


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