FCAK Round 3 Report

Three rounds are now over and 6 are left. The two main leaders of the tournament are Bader Al Hajeri and Ric Penuaelous! Next week, these two leaders will face head to head. One player will remain undefeated, while the other will fall from the top Charts.

Here are the Leaders Standings after 3 rounds:

  1. Bader Al Hajeri = 3 points
  2. Ric Panuaelos = 3 points
  3. Ryan Carandang = 2.5 pts
  4. Bogs Silao = 2 pts
  5. Boyet Zacarias = 2 pts
  6. Nathaniel Tinsay = 2 pts
  7. Nasir Bahamany = 2 pts
  8. Oliver Revidad = 2 pts
  9. Ferdie Bugay = 2 pts
  10. Dante Sarsalejo = 2 pts
  11. Bart Macapaz = 2 pts
  12. Khaled Hashem = 1.5 pts
  13. Abdullah Munir = 1 pt
  14. Manny Cornelio = 1 pt
  15. Mari Zapanta = 1 pt
  16. Eman Ygpuara = 1 pt
  17. Samy Cayabyab = 1 pt
  18. Nasser Maqseed = 1 pt
  19. Greg Greg = 0.5 pts
  20. Hashim Hussin = 0.5 pts
  21. Liquat Ali = 0 pts
  22. Gary Garanganao = 0 pts

Here are the results from Round three:

  1. Hajeri 1:0 Silao
  2. Panuaelos 1:0 Tinsay
  3. Zacarias 0:1 Carandang
  4. Bugay 1:0 Munir
  5. Cayabyab 0:1 Revidad
  6. Sarsaleji 1:0 Cornelio
  7. Bahamany 1:0 Zapanta
  8. Ygpuara 0:1 Macapaz
  9. Ali 0:1 Khaled
  10. Greg 0.5:0.5 Hussain
  11. Maqseed 1:0 Garanganao

Here are the pairings for Round 4:

  1. Panuaelos Vs. Hajeri
  2. Carandang Vs. Bugay
  3. Sarsalejo Vs. Bahamany
  4. Macapaz Vs. Silao
  5. Revidad Vs. Zacarias
  6. Khaled Vs. Tinsay
  7. Munir Vs. Cayabyab
  8. Cornelio Vs. Ygpuara
  9. Zapanta Vs. Maqseed
  10. Greg Vs. Ali
  11. Hussain Vs. Garanganao

About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

7 thoughts on “FCAK Round 3 Report

  1. james says:

    hi khaled,gudam,we will face each other in the 4th round,gud luck to both of us,hehehe,thats my real name my friend,,,,cyah on friday

  2. kadsawy says:

    What Amazing Luck!! Hahahaha..
    Good Luck to you as well Nathan 🙂

    • james says:

      hi khaled,congrats with ur win against me,ur the man,im sorry if i cant stay a little bit that time coz im catching for my night duty,,,,hope to play more games with you in a coming days,

      • james says:

        hi khaled my friend,how u got ur chronos clock that we used yestrday coz i want to have such clock also,maybe u can help me for that,thanks

  3. Khaled says:

    Hey Nathan! It was a fantastic game. It was a draw position, but you played quickly at the end. It was a great endgame also. I really enjoyed our match together. I hope there will be more to come 🙂 See you next week man!!

    • james says:

      hi khaled,gudpm,how about ur clock that we used for that game,how uve got that clock coz i wanted to have such clock too,maybe u can help me have such one,thanks

  4. Khaled says:

    Absolutely Man. No problem, I’ll help you out. We’ll discuss it next week when we see each other 🙂

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