5 Days Left Til the Fischer Chess Tournament

Registration is still open or the FISCHER CHESS TOURNAMENT for those of you who are considering to join.


There is about 30 seats left open.

TO Register:


  • Call Mr. Essam Hassanain at 6595 7141.
  • or Call Mr. Sami Ayoub (Secretary of KCF) at 6666 1949

    I will be at the Filipino Chess Club Friday night, August 28th, at around 7:30PM til about 10:00PM. I will be accepting registrations!

    What is Needed By players:

    1. Full name
    2. Nationality
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Email
    5. Picture
    6. 10kd Fee

    Full Name and Fee are the Most Important! If you don’t have the others, you can still register!

    Drinks and Snacks will be offered FREE OF CHARGE during the rounds to all participating players. Drinks include sodas, other beverages, and maybe RedBull.

    There will be a Closing Ceremony with a nice offering as well.

    Don’t forget the TOP 30 PLAYERS will GET REWARDS!

    ALSO, There will be a surprise for the players at the Last day of the tournament!!!


    About Khaled

    I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

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