The Tournament starts this Tuesday at 8:00PM!

That is LESS THAN 48 HOURS from now!

Please be at the Tournament Venue before that time.

If you still did NOT pay the entrance fee and still WISH TO REGISTER, you can still do so in the Kuwait Society of Engineers at 7:30PM on Tuesday. Mr. Essam Husanin will be there to help you guys out.


Of course, the directions to the Tournament Hall are located in previous posts.  Mr Essam’s number is also located in previous posts. Make sure you have everything arranged.

DO NOT FORGET, The Tournament begins at 8:00 PM at Tuesday Night and 9:00PM on the other days! Make sure you make it earlier because the roads tend to get busy at that time of night! 

Wishing you all th best of luck and may Allah guide us all and provide us with peace and joy.

from: Khaled Hashem

P.S. I also will provide everyone with up-to-date info related to this tourney

I hope that answered your question Asfand 🙂


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

One thought on “2 Days Left! FISCHER CHESS TOURNAMENT!

  1. emmanuel says:

    hi my friend…..due to hectic time schedule,i might not make it to the said tournament….as i am very busy in work..thanks my friend and ramadan kareem…..—-emmanuel

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