Fischer Open Chess Tournament: FINAL REPORT (with new videos)

It’s been a while since the Ramadan Fischer Open Chess Tournament is over. To be exact, the last day was on Septemebr 8th, 2009. So it’s been about a month. This exciting tournament consisted of 7 rounds total that took place on 8 day (1 day break inbetween). It started on the 1st of september and ending 8 days ater. The rounds had time controls with 1 hour + 30 Seconds increment. It was sponsored by Sheikh Dawoud Salman Al Sabah, The Taher Group Law Firm, Kuwait Society of engineers, and the Kuwait Chess Federation. In total, about 80 players registered for this tourney. Below, you will find the final standings for all the players along with new updated videos I created and posted on

Without further adew, here’s the final standings:

  1. Ferdinand Laming 6 pts. ****CONGRATULATIONS TO LAMING!!!****
  2. Ferdinand Bugay 6 pts.
  3. Ahmad Taha 6 pts.
  4. Bader Alhajeri 6 pts.
  5. Edgar benitiez 5.5 pts.
  6. Ahmad Jad 5.5 pts.
  7. Roberto Floura 5 pts.
  8. Bogs Silao 5 pts.
  9. Navaneetha Krishnan 5 pts.
  10. Dennis Poliquit 5 pts.
  11. Ahmad Hosni 5 pts.
  12. Talal Salam 5 pts.
  13. Nasser maqseed 5 pts.
  14. Adel Amiri 5 pts.
  15. Taher Khateeb 5 pts.
  16. Mark McCready 4.5 pts.
  17. Khaled Khan 4.5 pts.
  18. Hamads Birahim 4.5 pts.
  19. Faizar Rahman 4.5 pts.
  20. Ibrahim Shehab 4 pts.
  21. Eid Mohamed 4 pts.
  22. Mohamed Gabr 4 pts.
  23. Imad Abdul Latif 4 pts.
  24. Philip Caysido 4 pts.
  25. Crigoroiu martiez 4 pts.
  26. Abdullah Salah 4 pts.
  27. Basir Cosain 4 pts.
  28. Sherif Sherif 4 pts.
  29. Nour El Dien 4 pts.
  30. Herculano Zacarias 4 pts.
  31. Nasir Bahamany 4 pts.
  32. Talal Ali 4 pts.
  33. Hussain Abdulla 4 pts.
  34. Waleed Awadhi 3.5 pts.
  35. Asfand Khan 3.5 pts.
  36. Samuel Santos 3.5 pts.
  37. Oliver John 3.5 pts.
  38. Khaled Hashem 3.5 pts.
  39. Mohamed Ali 3.5 pts.
  40. Faisal hamlan 3 pts.
  41. Hashem Ali 3 pts.
  42. Mydeen Abo Bakr 3 pts.
  43. Mohamed Hajem 3 pts.
  44. Ghassan Merjeh 3 pts.
  45. Ziyad Saleh 3 pts.
  46. Mohamed Shamlan 3 pts.
  47. Abdulmohsin Mishari 3 pts.
  48. Fernando Frisco 3 pts.
  49. Kennith Tasadao 3 pts.
  50. Maythem Naemi 3 pts.
  51. Ashruf Dawoud 3 pts.
  52. Yousif Shamlan 3 pts.
  53. Maha Saoudi 3 pts.
  54. Mina Mikhael 2.5 pts.
  55. Ali Hassan 2 pts.
  56. Sara AbdulMouneim 2 pts.
  57. Mina Gad 2 pts.
  58. Fawaz Khateeb 2 pts.
  59. Ibrahim Shamlan 2pts.
  60. Sami Behbehani 2 pts.
  61. Ahmad Mansour 2 pts.
  62. John belimont 1.5 pts.
  63. Mima Ghon 1 pt.
  64. Abdullah Mutairi 1 pt.
  65. Anoop Pious 1 pt.
  66. Mohamed Abdo 1 pt.
  67. Yazan Saadi 1 pt.
  68. Talal Shitan 1 pt.
  69. Mishari Yousif 1 pt.
  70. Mohamed Khateeb
  71. Abdulaziz Shemari
  72. Abdullah Hamlan
  73. Abdulrehman Shemari
  74. Abdullatif Gharabli
  75. Jarrah Fahad
  76. Khaled Yacoub
  77. Sajan J.
  78. Ali Sakkaf

And below you will find new videos I created that came from the tournament. You can visit my page in at

The first video is called memories of the tournament. You’ll understand why when you see it.


The second video takes place moments before the Awards ceremony. It shows people excited and some can’t wait to see who won what. Enjoy 🙂


The 3rd video is the prize dstribution for the top players of the tournament.

And the last is a video of the TOUCH MOVE SITUATION! Silao Accused Taha of touching the queen before the bishop (Tahe Moved the bishop).  Of course, this is considred cheating if it was true. But apparently, Silao didn’t have enough proof so the accusation was shot down and the went to Taha. Watch the commotion in this RAW VIDEO (unedited).


About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

2 thoughts on “Fischer Open Chess Tournament: FINAL REPORT (with new videos)

  1. eman says:

    touvh move……it has always been a problem for players,DISHONESTY among themselves……i have experience that in souk sharq tournament……againts an egyptian named HAFIZ…..but hence they are very good in DENYING of course nothing happened……in big tourneys like this you ned lots of arbitters……DO YOU THINK AN OPPONENT WILL UP A STORY?that his opponent comitted touch move?if it is not true?….anyway congrats KHALID…..THANKS man!!! take care!!!

  2. Naser AlMakseed says:

    Thank you Khalid, great reportage for the Ramadan Tournament.

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