A Little Puzzle…

This post will be removed before the next site update. I will also post games played during the tournament after it finishes. Tell me what you think about the idea of putting games.

In this position, Black is slightly worse. His only chance is to attack the king as soon as possible. Black just played Bf5, attacking the white queen. What would you play next?

Believe it or not, this was the position I had against my rival in the final round of the AUK chess championship on 2007. What do you suggest is the best move?

And on the same note, which move do you think is worst? Meaning, what move would be the worst for white to play?

Here, Instead of moving his queen to safety, he played g4?? What would you play after g4?


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I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

7 thoughts on “A Little Puzzle…

  1. baderov says:

    i think white should play Qc4 and black then take Bh3

    worst move that white g4????

    shloooon al7al ????

  2. Hamed says:

    As white, I would play Qd2 or Qe2.

    g4 for white is an obvious blunder with black winning the queen by fxg3.

  3. eman says:

    white plays Qd2? (threatens f5? black can reply g4 followed by g5 a much better attacking tempo for black….or Qe2?…black follows Re6 followed by Rh6 preparing for bishop x h3….black has still lots to prove and more interesting game….as blacks rooks are more active in this play…..in this positon ill still choose black……:P

  4. Ahmed Hosny says:

    The worst move not: g4? but g3?? cause white will be checkmated by: Qxh3#
    I think best for white is: Qe2 then maybe after Rh1 then Kg1 white will be in a very solid position!

  5. Asfand yar khan says:

    that was an easy puzzle . simple pxp then it will be a check and he had to take the pawn with the rook else he will be checkmated. then the white queen can take the queen …. SIMPLE

  6. Anonymous says:

    sallam!!! evryone..
    here the best move for white.. Qd1 to protect my knight and to avoid treatend sacrifice by bxh3..! if continuosly attcking after g5..! again i would play Rf1..! then black will play on g4! and ofcourse black will suffer after knight Nd2..! Qh5.. treatend by Qd1..! and exposing he’s kingside..! well there is alot of option but i think these is favor on white win!
    tnx folts..see u around..!

  7. Sammy S. says:

    Anonymous! i agree with u..Qd2! is a bad move!!
    better on Qd1..! then black will play g5! and these is the best move for Rook at Rf1..! and black play again g4! knight can play ethier Ng1 or Nd2..!
    well, white is in good positioning and ready to attack the black for he’s king exposing! Good luck!


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