The March Open: FINAL REPORT

Hello dear chess fans!

Welcome back. This is the final report for the March Open Chess Tournament of 2010. We would like to thank all the players who played and participated in this lovely event. I would also like to Congratulate the winner, Mr. BADER AL HAJERI for winning the tournament.

He won in the last round quite easily as it seemed. Mr. Afifi sacrificed a whole piece in the opening and did not seem to have any real compensation. The game did not last too long.

The game that was most surprising was Nasser Al Maqseed versus Florentino Silao on board 2. Florentino tried to push really hard against Maqseed. But Maqseed defended quite solidly and managed to force a DRAW! Every one who was watching the game was stunned. Even Naser himself said the other day, “I’m going to lose against him.” Surprisingly, he played like a master and defended like one as well. This Left Florentino Silao with only 5.5 points. Whilst Bader won his loast round leaving him with a total of 6 points. Bare in mind that Bader only lost to Waleed Al Awadhi on round 2.

As for the top players, I would like to first congratulate Bader Al Hajeri for winning the tournament with a score of 6.0 / 7. Florentino Silao came in second place with a score of 5.5/7. Ibrahim Shehab, Faizur Rahman, and Zakariya Afifi came after them with each scoring 5.0 points out of 7.

The cash prizes are as follows: 1st – $200, 2nd – $150, 3rd – $100, 4th – $50, 5th – $5o.

Pictures will be made available when I receive them. Ahmad Hosni has taken a few pictures and will send them to me as soon as he can. I will post them on this article when they arrive.


  6. Nasser Al Maqseed
  7. Ahmed Hosni
  8. Ala’a Abdul Latif
  9. Waleed Al Awadhi 4.5 PTS
  10. Basir Cosain
  11. Fayiq Kanan 4.0 PTS
  12. Khaled Al Hashem
  13. Eid Mohamed
  14. Dr. Al Shikh
  15. Abdulwahab Al Atiqi
  16. Sajan Vargughese
  17. Taher Al Khateeb 3.0 PTS
  18. Nizar Kanan
  19. Reda Ahmad
  20. Mohamed Qabazard
  21. Nour Al Dien
  22. Yousif Yousif 2.5 PTS
  23. Magdi Tawfiq 2.0 PTS
  24. Amer Al Amer
  25. Mohamed Abdul Mohsin
  26. Omran Al Moussawi
  27. Ashraf Dawoud 1 PTS
  28. Raed Ahmadiya
  29. Khalid Al Jiwasri
  30. Abdullah Salah
  31. Dr. Asim
  32. Khaled Al Harees — PTS
  33. Ali Al Sakkaf
  34. Ali AL Aldin
  35. Nasir Bahamany

About Khaled

I am a chess fan who would like to see chess grow in Kuwait. I am sure there are a lot of people like me here and this site is for you.

17 thoughts on “The March Open: FINAL REPORT

  1. Nasser AlMakseed says:

    Congratulations to Kuwait Chess Champion mr.Bader AL Hajeri.
    Bravo All chess players who participated and good achievement for Kuwait to have 4 Kuwaiti players on the top ten. : )

  2. Nasser AlMakseed says:

    I want to correct and let everyone know what happenned in my game against Mr. Florantino Silao. (he needed a win to become a champion)He started with 1.D4 and I plyied the Nf6 King’s Indian ,. but he blundered in the oppening and was un able to castle which gave a big advantage in the oppening for me and a chance to attack him while he was deffending,. at the end game too I had some positional advantage while he was defending the weak pawns, but a repitition happened with a forced draw, which it gave Bader the first place. Good luck for all next time. : )

  3. EMAN says:

    nice play naser…..anyway you are a good positional player…and im happy for you man….goodluck….if there is a player who deserves to be called the most improved player,thats you man…you deserves it….

  4. DA "PAWNS" ATTACK says:

    Well done chess player..!! and Congratulation to the Champion! well unexpected happening here.. Silao he’s miss his opportunity to be a champion..! he lose by unrated opponent.. ithink silao can’t sleep after his game..badluck form silao.. better luck nxt time florentino..after 5 straight win!!! now provide the trophy for the champion!!!! hve a nice day!!!

  5. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Congratulation Bader, you prove it again!
    Hi Khaled, I sent you 64 photos[3 rar. files].
    Nasser.. You played very good vs. Silao .. keep it up!
    Reminder, pls. send your games to my
    to enlarge the Kuwaiti chess database.
    Anyone will send 7 games [at least] will receive the DB and all the photos!

    Bader, Nasser, Ibrahim Shehab, Taher, Khaled, Faizur Rahman … your games are so valuable for me.
    Send it PLEASE.

    See you in the next Tournament..
    I’ll never give up 🙂

    Ahmed Hosny

  6. Jacob says:

    Congragulations Bader,yet again you have proved yourself invincible and i also like to congragulate Silao for coming second and congrats to Nasser Maqeed for showing his improved intellect in this open.Keep it up Man!I have seen your games and it has discipline in it.

    Anyway I wanted to ask all you chessfans.How is this local tournament different from a FIDE tournament?What are the benefits of playing a FIDE rated tournament?Or how does one become FIDE rated?

  7. Khaled says:

    Playing in FIDE tournaments means that the average rating of the players tends to be higher. And also could mean that prizes are a bit higher as well. Thus quality of play is also higher.

    To be FIDE rated, you need to play in a FIDE tournament and defeat or draw against 5 FIDE rated opponents.

    for example:

    Round 1: Draw against 1600
    Round 2: Draw “” 1700
    Round 3: “” “” 1800
    Round 4: Loss against Unrated player
    Round 5: win against unrated player
    Round 6: Draw against 1700
    Round 7: Draw against 1600

    So the win and loss dont count to anything to your rating. But the average of your drawn opponents is 1680. So you would be 1680 rated.

  8. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Hi Khaled

    Regarding the FIDE rated tournament, is it possible to have a FIDE rate by playing through the net ? or it should be OTB [over the chessboard-face to face playing?].

    Please Khled uploade with the photos that I sent you.

    Can you send any of your games to update the Kuwaiti chessbase?
    same request goes to Bader, Ibrahim Shehab, Nasser, Ahmed G.Al-RAb, Taher, Waleed Al Awadhi, Ala’a Abdul Latif …

    Thank you

  9. Amer Al-Amer says:

    Hi Ahmed

    I have 5 games from this tournament.

    Khaled vs Qabazard
    Bader vs Khaled
    Bader vs Afifi
    Sikao vs Bader
    Bader vs Cosain



  10. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Hi Amer

    Can you send it to my e-mail:

    It’s better to be saved through fritz.
    or at least with good hand writing 🙂

    I’ll send you the whole DB file, after update.

    Thank You!

    Ahmed Hosny

    • Amer Al-Amer says:

      Hi Ahmed

      Check your email, I sent them to you as PGN files.

      I am waiting for the whole file.



  11. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Hi Amer

    Check your email, I sent you the file [108 games].


  12. Yousif says:

    Dear Chess lovers,there is a world championship held in sofia Bulgaria,the match between topalov and Anand.Round 1 Topalov was King’s Indian Defence opening.The PGN file is a free to view in the website

  13. Khaled says:

    Actually, it wasn’t the King’s Indian Defence,
    Anand played the Grunfeld Defence.
    Almost the same but with black moving the d-pawn 2 spaces early on the opening.

  14. Amer Al-Amer says:

    Dear Ahmed

    I did not recive the file.

    Could you please resend it again.



  15. Ahmed Hosny says:

    Hi Amer

    I sent it again today.

    Do you have another games?
    If yes .. send it please.

    So far it’s 108 games.
    I hope to reach 200 games before the coming Ramadan.

    Ahmed Hosny

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