About Me

Who I am: (a small biography about me)

My name is Khaled and I am 24 years old. I began to play chess professionally at my second year of university (AUK). The first tournament I joined was the AUK-chess tournament. I lost badly! At that time, My ELO was around 600. I was a beginner. Mohamed Muneer, another kuwaiti chess fan won that tournament. Making him the AUK chess-champ 3 times in a row!

My first WIN:

I promised myself to win next year. I bought my first Chessmaster 10th edition from Hawaly. I trained hard in openings, strategy and tactics. Than next year, on the 1st round, I played against Hashem Hussain. I blundered my queen for two knights and a bishop!!! We continued to play and he fell into a trap, i ended up with two extra pieces in the endgame. I won easily. The final round was against MOHAMED MUNNER! MY RIVAL!!! As I said before, he won the AUK chess-championship 3 times in a row! To be honest, i was a bit scared. I knew I got better. But playing a tournament game is different from playing a freindly game. The opening part was bad for me! Mohamed had two central pawns while I had a really bad position. He controled the board. I quickly got desperate, and started to launch an attack. Lucky for me, Mohamed blundered. Instead of moving his queen to safety, he decided to attack my queen with a pawn. He lost that pawn and i ended up winning his queen. He resigned and I won my first championship! The trophy now sits in my room.

Sharg tournaments:

I have participated in the sharg tournament 2 years in a row. It’s an amazing experience. Any chess-lover in kuwait has to play in this tournament. It it usually in February or March. There are 9 rounds total. The time control is 90min + 30 sec per move.

FIDE Ranked Kuwaities:

There are currently 3 rated Kuwaiti Players. Bader Al Hajeri, Faisal Al Hamlan, and Taher Al Khateeb. Bader Al Hajeri has an ELO of over 2100 making him the strongest kuwaiti player. [I almost beat him in a blitz game 🙂 ]

Other Chess- Friends:

Omran & Ali Moussawi, Nasser & Abdullah Maqseed, Hashem Hussain, Emmanuel Ygpuara, Basir Cosain, Bomer Bocobo, Reda Mohamed, Mohamed Qabazrd, Mohamed Muneer, Bader Khaldi, Amer AlAmer,  Bader Hajeri, Taher Khateeb, Abdulsalam Dakheel, Khalaf alAzmi, Waleed alAwadhi, Adel Amiri, Read Alahmadieh, Abdulmohsin Almishary, Lyon, Nooraldeen Mohamed, Francs Pellobelo, Mohamed Al Ansari, Husain and Bader Al Mutari, Nasser Al Dehaini and many more.  All these people love chess like i do, maybe even more.

Final Comment:

I hope this site will continue to grow. I hope to bring information to everybody here who needs it. And i pray that Chess will be a recognized sport throughout kuwait. Thank you for reading. Be well citizens of kuwait.

Playchess ID = kuwaitchess

email = kuwaitchess@gmail.com


54 thoughts on “About Me

  1. more power dude! i know you well be the most respected opinion when regards to kuwaite chess in the years to come.

  2. moments for u says:

    good luck

  3. ahmed says:

    when’s the tournament? and where can I get enrolled in it? thanks

  4. Bomer Bocobo says:

    Thanks a lot for included my name as one of your friend in the field of this legendary chess games. I think just a persistence willingness to win this fascinating chess game
    makes a everybody feel proud of himself.

    I am an avid fans also of this royal games in the past,I hope, we will meet again on the next tournament.. Awaiting
    soon………….Bomer Bocobo…….Kuwait Air Force

  5. joelex romero says:

    khaled…goodluck to your chess career hope we can play chess in person..

  6. kadsawy says:

    Thank you very much Joelex! I too hope to meet you soon. Thanks again my friend

  7. bader alkhaldi says:

    good luck my friend it is a nice story speclly when mohammed almunnir mentioned lol.
    Hope to u promote in chess and beat me once 😛

  8. Asfand Yar says:

    Hello Khalid, how are you? your trophy is nice and story too

  9. Khaled says:

    Hello Asfand 🙂 Nice to hear from you! I’m doing good and thank you for your compliment 🙂

  10. yuvaraju says:

    i am new for Kuwait and if i want to join the tournament what is the qualification need? how i get the tournament calender

  11. Nadia Al-Qabban says:

    Khalid…You can do it.

  12. SALMA A.O. says:

    wish u all the best =D

  13. Khaled says:

    Thank you 🙂

  14. ENGINEER A says:

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, and you are so good in English 🙂

    Wish you all the best!

  15. Dear Khaled , that is my pleasure to communicate with some body like u , my name is mahmoud elshikh author of dontgofar blog, 150 story …. helping u at chacing the universe
    thanks for visiting ,every day there is a new story
    so dont go far

  16. tedisobandi says:

    thanks for your comment in my blog…please visit too. to http://adekunya.wordpress.com 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Snehal Shah says:

    Hi Khaled,

    I want a good chess coach for my 9 year old son. He is a beginner, but plays well compared to most kids of his age. If you can refer a good coach to me.

    My phone no. is 99153106, maild id: snehaljshah@yahoo.co.in


  18. Khaled says:

    Hi Shah,

    I’m not sure you can find a teacher in Kuwait. But to make sure, you can contact the secratary of the KCF to see if anybody is offering. His name is Sami Ayoub and his # is 66661949.

  19. Khaled says:

    Also I think most people in Kuwait are self taught. Personally, I used the chess program “Chessmaster 10” to improve my abilities.

  20. ahmed says:

    i like to join in the kwt tournements
    but i havent news about it
    i have 14 years old and my name is ahmad
    i like 2 know if any tournement is open in kwt
    tnx buddy

  21. Khaled says:

    Hello Ahmad, Of course you are welcome to join any tournament available.

    The moment we have a tournament, I post them immediately on the site.

    Check back often for updates.

  22. ahmed says:

    TnX mr.khaled
    you help me 2 much..
    C U in the tournament 😀

  23. ahmed says:

    Dear Khaled..
    can u post the tournament news on my email plz..??
    maybe i well forget about visit this site
    becuase i check my email every day ….
    My Email :: ahmad_Almogrem@yahoo.com
    thanks khaled 🙂

  24. Khaled says:

    Ok. But I forget things too ^_^

  25. ahmed says:

    No problem if u forget.. 😀

  26. ahmed says:

    Dear Khaled…
    What is your Real ELO in chess..??

  27. Khaled says:

    Hi Ahmad,
    My real ELO = 2649
    I’m just one point away from becoming a Super GM ^_^ loolz

  28. ahmed says:

    lol khaled..
    you also can win Magnus Carlsen ^_^.
    C U..

  29. Zakir Raza Qadri says:

    Hello Khaled nice to see knw abt ur site here. i recently have come frm india n wanna n a big chess enthusiast. I just wanna participate in Chess Tournament here. Wats the procedure fr it, I also wanna knw if there is ny tournament conducted here. U can mail me on zakir_raza@yahoo.com. Thnks see u later

    take care

  30. Khaled says:

    Hello Zakir and welcome to Kuwait. I’m glad you like chess.
    It’s a shame that you just missed a tournament about 2 weeks ago.
    If you check back regularly on this blog and even our facebook fanpage, I’m sure we’ll let you know if there’s any new developments.
    And if you’re interested in playing just friendly chess, I recommend the Filipino Chess Association in Kuwait City. They have an active club where members play blitz, long games and such.

  31. zakir raza says:

    Thnks a lot Khaled!!! i have already applied today fr registration of filipino association. lets see wat is their reply. in future if there is ny tournaments plse let me knw. can u tell me where i can get chess books here i mean shop or mall as i m new here. take care bye n thnks a lot again i have already become a member in face book.

  32. Khaled says:

    Your most welcome. And no registration necessary Zakir. You can go and play directly in the filipino chess club. It’s open to all those who want to play chess. Their website might be very very outdated, even more outdated then this one 🙂
    And if your interested in books, the only thing I could recommend is buying them through the internet. I don’t think any book store sells good chess books in kuwait.
    And make sure you join the “KUWAIT CHESS CLUB KCC” fanpage.
    The other one is completely dark. No one uses it. Not even its members.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Thnks Khaled, I’ll do as u told me.n keep on touch lol

  34. venkat says:


    I am in deliberate search for a chess trainer / coach. My son is 8 yrs old and he is a beginner. (knows the basic moves) If any one can help, kindly contact me at 00965- 99110799. My id: venkatkadavul@gmail.com
    Thank you.

  35. zainab says:

    hi Mr khaled
    I am very interested in teaching chess to my 8 year old daughter, can you pls refer me a coach .thanx

  36. Q8Elite says:

    Hey Khalid

    in which website do you usually play chess online ?


  37. Arun says:

    Hi khaled

    This is arun from India. My mom is an international chess arbiter and also undertakes coaching classes online. Incase of any requirement kindly let me know. Also my aunt resides in farwaniya. So incase of any tourney held in kuwait kindly let me know as her son will also participate in the same.

    ID: arun25hari@yahoo.co.in

    Thanks & regards,

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hi Khaled,

    This is Guru…. Arun’s uncle. You can contact me on my mobile # 66016979.

  39. Sharjeel Dalvi says:

    Hiii………I am Engineer S.D.
    A long time chess player. Don’t have rating..but played good chess tournaments and represented my university at Nationals…
    I am working in Salmiya and looking around for good chess players with whom I can practice everyday.

    Cell Number- 55459773

  40. Sharjeel Dalvi says:

    Hi Khaled,

    Salaam Alaikum!

    I am Engineer Sharjeel Ahmed from India, now working and residing in Salmiya, Kuwait.
    The game of chess has been something very close to my heart since childhood.

    Never appeared for FIDE rating; but yaap took some professional training in chess.
    I was university captain for 4 years and had a good time with chess.

    Since last two years, could not get a chance to play due to my earlier job in Qatar.
    Now in Kuwait, I feel I should get back to chess and try to be atleast a consistent tournament player henceforth.

    When a goggled chess club in Kuwait, I got to know your details.

    Please guide me…with best chess club and practice places of chess players in Salmiya.


    Shukran, Jazak Allah hu khairan!

    Sharjeel Ahmed
    -Chess Lover.

  41. Khaled says:

    Hi Sharjeel, Sorry for not replying sooner. As you can see, the blog isn’t exactly up to date. But I plan to update it soon.
    If you are interested in chess, I would recommend you contact the secretary of the Mind Sports Association at 66501371. Give her your number so she can have it in thier database. If anything comes up, she will contact you.

  42. Alvin G. Roma says:

    Good day i am Alvin G. Roma 24 years old presently living in a small town in the Phlippines. i want to be a Chess Trainer in your country and soon be ours… if you help me…because i dont wanna leave here because this a corrupted country…and i love to play and teach chess all my life…my current NCFP rating as of January 2014 is 2033 but my previous tournament showed that i have a talent in chess…i tied 7th to 16th Place over GM Eugene Torre and GM Mark Paragua and many IM’s and masters…search this in Google 2013 Philippine National Chessgames Rapid results…Please hired me as a chess trainer thanks and godbless…

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  44. Kamrul Jamin says:

    hi this kamrul I want to join with u how

  45. If you would like to increase your experience only keep
    visiting this site and be updated with the most up-to-date news posted here.

  46. Monika says:

    My son he is 11 year old and younger one is 7 and half .I need chess teacher .Please can you teach them .waiting for your reply .

  47. naganathan says:

    Dear sir , I am working in alzour Power plant ..I want to play chess game …and I am interested in chess playing…

  48. Chenthil says:

    Hai sir

    My son is 7 years old..He is very intrested to play chess..Pls share if any one in kuwait conducting classes.My mobile number is 65701924..


  49. Pushpinder Kanwal says:

    Dear sir
    How to join/ register?


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